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Well, hello there!

Holy shit. It’s been too long. I’m sorry…I really am!

I promised myself, when I started this blog, that I wouldn’t do it for a few months and then disappear. I was committed to blogging and wanted to be consistent…Welp. That went right to hell as soon as I became a father. Makes sense, right? Sure it does! But I am not making excuses. I’m BACK and promise to pound the keyboard as much as humanly possible for the enjoyment of others and myself. Fact is – between insane work schedules, commuting, traveling, baby stuff, watching the golf channel and spending time w/ the wife – life can sometimes move too fast…Blogging helps slow that down for me – almost like verbal mediation. It’s good for me and hopefully it’s good for you too.

I would now like to share some of the random thoughts that I’ve had over the last few months of going blog-less. Get excited! Some of these thoughts may turn into full fledged blogs…some might not…but either way…enjoy here and now while I dust off the cobwebs from the ol’ electronic typewriter and flex my internets.

– 12 Years a Slave was INTENSE.

– The finale to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was….completely underwhelming and expected.

– The large majority of people in the professional world are un-professional.

– I hate Southern Charm…but love it at the same time.

– I’m off Walking Dead.

–  Shameless is ridiculously awesome.

– Taxes are fun.

– I may have to buy all custom clothes for the rest of my life.


– I was totally right about GoogleGlass!

– How is Justin Bieber NOT in jail?

– That thing on 60 Minutes re: how the stock market is rigged blew my mind.

– The AD TECH world is completely and utterly out of freaking control. In a good way…

There ya have it! Some random thought nuggets from my brain. Stay tuned for more goodness

It’s good to be back.

Ps – how freaking cute is my son?!?

Yours Truly, Chris



The most painful 15 mins in life.

I can’t stand those few (sometimes more than a few) moments of de-planning once your flight has landed and fully taxied to the gate. Standing there, ducking your head against the reading lights and air thingy, staring at the people in front of you with a look that says “if you don’t hurry the hell up…i will kill you”.
It’s painful because people generally move too slow. Now…does this mean they are just slow people? Are they not capable of moving fast? Or is it that they don’t have that burning fire of rage down in their belly that I do when waiting to deplane?

I think it’s a patience thing. I don’t have much of that. I try…but I can’t do it. Lines and waiting, of any kind, generally make me want to scream. I’m working on it but to say I don’t have much patience is the understatement of the year.

If you see me behind you on a plane…better move your ass! Be quick and efficient with grabbing your bags and don’t even THINK about putting on your jacket before starting to walk out.