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The Donald Sterling conundrum – the slipperiest slope.

Ok – let me FIRST say a few things. Donald Sterling is a crazy old man. He is a racist and seemingly cruel individual who obviously needs some help. The guy has caused great harm to his family and damaged any legacy he might have had as an NBA owner. Would I want to work for him? NO. Do I think he should be ashamed of his mentality and general ignorance? YES. BUT…I have a problem with this whole entire thing.

The problem I have is simple – If we start to persecute people based on their opinions and for what they say during private conversations…we’re going to have a major problem. Chances are the very vast majority of people, both in positions of power and otherwise, have said SOMETHING privately to another individual that would upset a lot of folks. Should we ban those people for life and fine them $2.5m? I don’t think so.

Donald Sterling, like the rest of the free world, is entitled to his opinion – however misguided and offensive it might be. It’s not like the dude went to a rally and or stood on-top of a rooftop and tried to rally people around his ignorant views. He had a private conversation that was taped, super shadily by some girlfriend who is out for fame and fortune, and now the guy has a serious problem on his hands and is basically being forced to sell something he owns. Something is not right about that. If you disagree – think really hard about every single private conversation you ever had and I’d bet that you can remember a statement, joke, story or tale that might just offend some people – AND imagine because of that conversation some governing body comes to you and BANS YOU FOR LIFE and effectively black lists you from your profession, slandering you along the way. Again – it’s just not right.

Let me say, again, I 100% disagreed with his views…I am with the general public regarding the sentiment that there is no room for that kind of racism (private or not) in society…BUT I feel sorry for this old man. Not TOO sorry though…because reports say he’s going to pocket about half a billion dollars when he decided to sell the team….BUT sorry enough because his family has been forced to take a public stance against him and he is being ridiculed publicly for statements he made privately.

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GAME 7. Big time drama coming at ya!
Can’t wait (hopefully I can stay awake for it)!

Funny how he leaves Cleveland because he didn’t want to shoulder 110% of the proverbial load…and now look what’s happened in the last few games of the playoffs. Lebron is forced to single-handedly score more points than the entire other team in order for his squad to win. He left Cleveland to share some of the pressure and now it is, without a doubt, 100% ALL on Lebron to see if the HEAT make it to the finals or not.

I kinda want him to lose but I also can’t stand the thought of a Pacers vs. Spurs final. Conflicted as I may be…I’ll be watching to see if Lebron does his thing and adds to his legacy OR to see if he buckles, complains about his team and leaves to go somewhere else.

Lebron good or Pacers BAD?

NBA: Boston Celtics at Miami Heat


Last night was wild! Did you see it? Lebron drove to the hoop with 5 seconds left in OT and won the game by ONE POINT. Amazing…he singlehandedly won the game with…a wide open LAYUP!? Wait…where was the defense? Where was Hibbert, the premiere shot blocker in the NBA to guard the rim? No where. Hmmm

Oh man…now I am confused. Did Lebron just have a playoff signature and potentially career defining moment or did the Pacer’s coach just experience an EPIC fail of a defensive call that cost his team game 1 and now, most likely, the series?

NBA Playoffs



Why does the NBA suck so much during the regular season and then get so immediately awesome come playoff time? It’s confusing…Every other sport – I can watch and really get into during regular season play (especially…baseball. all. day. long.) but you couldn’t pay me to watch a regular season basketball game. That’s the truth. Not the HEAT…not the LAKERS…not the KNICKS..regular NBA is whack 99.9% of the time. PLAYOFFs on the other hand…are GREAT!

Where were all these story lines and amazingly energetic players the last 6 months? Maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention but now…every series is fun to watch, everyone is playing defense and gosh darn it people care! It’s really fun to watch.

You got Lebron being Lebron…the upstart Nuggets making noise…the Golden State Warriors giving my friends in SF something to cheer about…Knicks/Celtics wanting to kill eachother…Kevin Durrant being awesome…Lakers being embarrassed…Clippers dunking on people’s’ faces….and it’s all gold!

Way to go NBA – for the next month or so…I’m a fan.