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Weak Sauce Golf Names and amazingly awesome ones to balance

Man, golf has some weak ass names. Some great names too…but once you hone in on some of the absolute terrible, country club going, silver spoon having type names it can be really hard to root for some of these pansies.

WEB, AARON, KEEGAN, DAVIS, HARRIS, RORY, GRAEME, DUSTIN, SHANE, BRANDT….I mean is it just me? (for baseball you can add COLE and CHASE to that list)

Then you also have some great ones …I mean BUBBA, BOO, BO, TIGER, Freddy, Ernie, Rocco, Woody…so there are a few gems amongst the lame sauce that really balance the sport.




Johnny Maziel – the gift and the curse


Johnny Football perplexes me. Normally I know exactly where I stand on people. But here I sit perplexed. I read the above article and it perplexed me even more. Let me explain in hopes that I can iron out my complex emotions…

So everyone knows how much negative press Johnny has gotten over the last few months since he won the Heisman right? Well he’s been bad…if you ask the press. Everyone has shown him out and about with famous people, drinking, reports came out about a past fight, he’s been hanging out with rappers and super models… AND he was even so naughty to oversleep (reportedly and “apparently” due to a night of drinking) and miss a morning session at Peyton Manning’s superstar Quarterback summer camp. What a kook right? I mean, what’s his problem?! Well, not so fast I say.

I’m like “OK press – I get it. It’s easy to cover this poor kid when he is “messing” up in your eyes and every move he makes doesn’t live up to the perfect little Heisman winning gentleman that you might want him to be. Cut the kid a break – he’s 20 and in the national spotlight.” …I mean, right? The kid is 20! Press is all over him and I’m sure it’s not easy. My stance originally was “leave Johnny alone! Let the kid be a kid. He’s going to oversleep and I’m sure drink some beers before his 21st birthday. We’ve all been there – just without the entire world watching our every move”. I do kind of feel sorry for him and can imagine that life in the spotlight might be difficult especially with that angst that can be so prevalent in young men. Then the other side of my perplexed emotions kicks in and makes me lean the other way. What’s the other side think? The other side just thinks…he’s a jerk.

The kid sounds like a jerk…a spoiled little egomaniac jerk and…not only because the press paint him that way …but because he actually is. What’s the saying?… “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and smells like a duck – it’s probably a freaking DUCK you guys!” I mean – read the article. The story about Johnny playing golf with his dad and cursing, chucking clubs and disrespecting his pops is disgusting. He wants people to feel bad for him because of his new found fame? – SORRY BRO – you’re a famous college athlete, deal with it. And…deal with it without being a complete and utter jerk face. Sorry about all the attention you get…but perhaps you could handle it a little better and be a…oh I don’t know…good person?

Maybe I’m not so perplexed anymore. “Johnny Jerk face” is just a jerk. While this is disappointing because I was originally pulling for the kid – I sure do feel better having solved this conundrum.




Go away A-Rod.


If I never hear of and/or see this dude again I would be a happy man.

What an absolute disgrace. There is literally no-one on the planet I despise more right now that this joke of a baseball player. I’m embarrassed that I ever rooted for him and I wish his stench never touched the Yankee organization.

Of all the brilliant moves the Yankee’s front office has pulled off over the years this one may actually go down as the worst in HISTORY. I hope, really hope, that they find a way out of paying him the remaining $60 MILLION on his deal…but something tells me A-ROD is going to be laughing all the way to the bank despite his absolutely despicable legacy.


Ryan Braun. Coming in HOT for biggest liar in sports History.

ryan braun

Yeah I said it. Biggest. Liar. In. Sports HISTORY.
Look at this guy…BUSTED over 12 months ago. 100% screwed to the wall with the whole world watching…He could have admitted then, taken his medicine and saved some face with his sport, fans, the media and all his supporters around the globe. But, of course not. This is not a normal human being – given the choice of humility and accountability and the opportunity to be a man… what does he do? He pulls a Rafael Palmero and blatantly lies thru his teeth. Not only did he lie…he pointed the finger at everyone else. Jerk pointed the finger at baseball, the process, the actual guy who took his urine sample and lord know that guy has a shitty enough job/life as it is. He even had Aaron Rodgers believing him…What a clown (Aaron Rodgers too for believing him).

Welp… I guess he can look on the bright side – at least he can go hang out and be deuchy with A-rod somewhere in Miami or something. I’m sure Jose Canseco is around for a drink or two. I hear Barry Bonds has some time on his hands too. I can picture it now… They can count their money together while they all talk about awesome they once were… and how admired they were back in the day… and how many little kids used to look up to them…and, oh yeah, how much they’ve contributed to the many and recent scars on the wonderful game of baseball that made them all rich and famous. Bunch of dorks. You all deserve the lifetime of judgment and doubt that is sure to follow you around everywhere you go.

How hard is it to do the right thing? Seriously. Just don’t cheat and your wonderful lives continue on. But I guess that is too hard for these egomaniacs.

Ryan Braun…Oprah on line 2. I suggest you answer.

FILE: 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun Tests Positive For PED

I mean, hey – at least he isn’t Lance Armstrong. Doesn’t get any worse than that dude.


Doesn’t get any better than this…

Thank you DeadSpin for providing me with such viewing pleasure. These kids should be famous.

How many times do you think it took for them to get this? AND….and if this was your crew who would you be??? I’m the finisher.

Not cool Matt. Not cool


So this is the Mets’ new pitching phenom?
Really dude? One inning and you’ve already hurt the only Yankee who hasn’t been hurt this year. Come on man. You have to be better than that. To hurt someone in an All Star game is about as low as you can get.

Not saying it was intentional – but again, COME ON MAN. It’s Robi Cano…


Not cool, BUBBA.

Yelling and/or blaming your caddie for a bad shot is bad form Bubba. You should know that. Doesn’t the “Golf Boys” sit around and discuss proper golf etiquette when shooting those ridiculous rap videos?

Seriously – it’s like when a boss yells at an employee publicly…or player yelling at their coach during the game…or even a passenger yelling at a driver because there is traffic. There are just some things in life you don’t do.

You messed it up Bubba. Stage 4 meltdown city and you deserved to lose. I’m hoping that wasn’t a true glimpse into your character and you are really more like this bubba…

and not the one we saw this weekend that crys, whines and publicy calls out his caddie for his own mistakes.