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The Donald Sterling conundrum – the slipperiest slope.

Ok – let me FIRST say a few things. Donald Sterling is a crazy old man. He is a racist and seemingly cruel individual who obviously needs some help. The guy has caused great harm to his family and damaged any legacy he might have had as an NBA owner. Would I want to work for him? NO. Do I think he should be ashamed of his mentality and general ignorance? YES. BUT…I have a problem with this whole entire thing.

The problem I have is simple – If we start to persecute people based on their opinions and for what they say during private conversations…we’re going to have a major problem. Chances are the very vast majority of people, both in positions of power and otherwise, have said SOMETHING privately to another individual that would upset a lot of folks. Should we ban those people for life and fine them $2.5m? I don’t think so.

Donald Sterling, like the rest of the free world, is entitled to his opinion – however misguided and offensive it might be. It’s not like the dude went to a rally and or stood on-top of a rooftop and tried to rally people around his ignorant views. He had a private conversation that was taped, super shadily by some girlfriend who is out for fame and fortune, and now the guy has a serious problem on his hands and is basically being forced to sell something he owns. Something is not right about that. If you disagree – think really hard about every single private conversation you ever had and I’d bet that you can remember a statement, joke, story or tale that might just offend some people – AND imagine because of that conversation some governing body comes to you and BANS YOU FOR LIFE and effectively black lists you from your profession, slandering you along the way. Again – it’s just not right.

Let me say, again, I 100% disagreed with his views…I am with the general public regarding the sentiment that there is no room for that kind of racism (private or not) in society…BUT I feel sorry for this old man. Not TOO sorry though…because reports say he’s going to pocket about half a billion dollars when he decided to sell the team….BUT sorry enough because his family has been forced to take a public stance against him and he is being ridiculed publicly for statements he made privately.

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My 6th grade physics would be so proud (Momentum and Inertia)

You guys remember hearing and learning about the fact that “Objects that are in motion…stay in motion.”, right? I do. I actually explicitly remember sitting in my middle school class and hearing that statement. Learning about inertia and momentum was very a-typical for me when compared to 95% of all other topics taught at that level – Why, you ask? Because it totally made sense the first time I heard it and was something that I felt was completely, 100% applicable to real life outside the classroom. If something is headed in one direction…it takes some kind of force to knock it off course and/or stop it all together. Interesting Mr Physics teacher…interesting.

This was all so interesting to me not because of the actual physics involved or because I was so dialed into learning that specific day – it was interesting to me because it spoke to LIFE and how to live it. See to me –  it’s all about momentum and life inertia…I believe if you are working towards something, staying in-motion, creating positive momentum and strong life inertia – it takes something very significant to throw you off course AND the more momentum you have built up the harder it is to sway you. Obviously the opposite is true as well.

There is good inertia and bad inertia – I 100% think that there is good momentum/inertia and bad. In life if you can keep on a positive path, with good momentum…your inertia will carry you to good things and ultimately where you want to go.  This applies to family, work, friends, sports and overall other LIFE stuff.  Even the phrase, albeit corny, “if you’re not moving forward, you’re taking steps back” seems to resonate with me because it makes sense. Think about it with me…

If you are sitting on the couch, moping around, feeling sorry for yourself and your position in life – is it going to get better or worse? If you are some lazy, complainer, looking out only for yourself – will people shower you will attention and support? OR…If you’re busting your butt, working hard, doing and saying the right things…are good things going to happen and will you find your self faced with more and more opportunity as your positive momentum gains strength? The answer is clear to me.

All this doesn’t mean you won’t be faced with forces, even if on the right path, that knock you off course (one way or another) but it means that dealing with those forces is crucially important to getting back on and maintaining your path and general direction in life.

Life is simple (I figured it out!)- it’s about creating positive momentum and maintaining it. Too often I see people with amazing momentum get thrown off course and not be able to get back to where they were or… I see people will zero momentum get frustrated at the lack of opportunity or good things presented to them. Forces are all around us people –  If you let that force knock you off course and/or stop you in your tracks…it’s even harder to get started and get back to that place of positive movement and inertia and where you want to be.

Did you know that I was capable of such deep thinking? Should I write a book one day? Become a motivational speaker? I don’t know…up to the reader in this case. I just wanted to share what I think is a core philosophy, based in physics that I try to keep in mind every single day. And….You’re welcome. Thanks for reading.



Well, hello there!

Holy shit. It’s been too long. I’m sorry…I really am!

I promised myself, when I started this blog, that I wouldn’t do it for a few months and then disappear. I was committed to blogging and wanted to be consistent…Welp. That went right to hell as soon as I became a father. Makes sense, right? Sure it does! But I am not making excuses. I’m BACK and promise to pound the keyboard as much as humanly possible for the enjoyment of others and myself. Fact is – between insane work schedules, commuting, traveling, baby stuff, watching the golf channel and spending time w/ the wife – life can sometimes move too fast…Blogging helps slow that down for me – almost like verbal mediation. It’s good for me and hopefully it’s good for you too.

I would now like to share some of the random thoughts that I’ve had over the last few months of going blog-less. Get excited! Some of these thoughts may turn into full fledged blogs…some might not…but either way…enjoy here and now while I dust off the cobwebs from the ol’ electronic typewriter and flex my internets.

– 12 Years a Slave was INTENSE.

– The finale to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was….completely underwhelming and expected.

– The large majority of people in the professional world are un-professional.

– I hate Southern Charm…but love it at the same time.

– I’m off Walking Dead.

–  Shameless is ridiculously awesome.

– Taxes are fun.

– I may have to buy all custom clothes for the rest of my life.


– I was totally right about GoogleGlass!

– How is Justin Bieber NOT in jail?

– That thing on 60 Minutes re: how the stock market is rigged blew my mind.

– The AD TECH world is completely and utterly out of freaking control. In a good way…

There ya have it! Some random thought nuggets from my brain. Stay tuned for more goodness

It’s good to be back.

Ps – how freaking cute is my son?!?

Yours Truly, Chris


It hurts so good.

Well Hello there Blog Followers and other random Blog Finders – it’s been a minute!

Life has happened. Literally. My wife and I welcomed Dominic Christopher Signore to the world on October 9th 2013 @ 6:31am. The future world class athlete and all around good guy weighed in at 7 lbs 10 ounces. We are truly blessed. The little guy is quite the looker and already has the ladies swooning.
My wife had I have been super busy changing diapers, getting peed on, swaddling, doing laundry, cleaning dishes, making bottles and staying up all night…So my blogging time has been seriously cut into. Sorry…Dominic requires a lot of attention and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. But that’s ok! Cause he is cute and brings me joy deep down in my soul.
Anyways…. You know what I realized in the midst of my insomnia? Somethings stink… but while stinking can provide some completely surprising yet amazing feelings of joy that you never thought possible. Let me me explain…
Changing diapers stinks. Literally. I mean who wants to do that 10 times a day if they had the choice? I rather not have to deal with human waste ever if I didn’t have to…but guess what?! I have to…and that’s alright with me because Dominic needs me to. It stinks, I do it, and as crazy it might sound…I like it. Dude is 4 weeks old. I am his father…If I can do something (anything) that makes him a little more comfortable so that he can grow up and be a happy little baby person that I am happy to do it. Who knew!?
You know what else stinks? Not getting any sleep. I’m a sleeper…always have been. I need at least 8 hours to feel rested and function at a high level as a human being member of society. Welp, I haven’t had anything close to 8 hours since the little guy joined our family. I’ve been irritable…red eyed…over eating…and in a general haze for almost a month now. Stinks right? But…you guessed it…I’m happy to do what I need to do no mater what time it is. I’m exponentially happier working off 4 hours sleep with my little guy in this world than I was with 8-10 hours under my belt without him. You deal with it and you make sure your baby is taken care of. Doesn’t matter if it’s 4am…if he’s hungry…he’s going to eat. If he needs a fresh onesie and some socks…he’s going to get it. Being “tired” is so not an issue when you are taking care of a human being that is your flesh and blood. I never thought I’d say it…but sleep can be overrated. Would I love some uninterrupted zzzzzz right about now? Sure. But would I rather sit and rock with my guy and make funny faces at him while he stares at me for a few hours? Yup. That’s what caffeine is for.
It’s like “Chris – we get it, ok? Everyone says the same thing…”You never really know what it’s like to have a baby until you have one”.” YES…truer a statement has never been muttered – there really is no science to being prepared BUT I’m here to tell you, and other parents can attest, it’s much more than that. What it is, and what you can try to be prepared for, is the doing of things that straight up stink…and finding joy in said stinky things because you are doing it for your child. That’s something, right? When, where, how else can you ever imagine dealing with disgusting grossness while being totally sleep deprived and be 100%, unequivocally happy to do it all?
We have a lot more to do and learn (and I promise to not make this a Daddy blog btw) but I’m sure looking forward to what else parenthood brings our way. Even the stinky stuff.



You Don’t Mess around on the quiet car!


I sit in the quiet car sometimes on the way home and to be perfectly honest…the “quiet” car i.e. – the place that is supposed to be quiet and relaxing as a train car could be on a commute home ….STRESSES. ME. OUT. Bro!

Every single time, without fail, there are people who don’t abide by the rules of the quiet car. Whether these people honestly don’t care to be quiet or they just aren’t aware of the rules of the first and last car  of the train during rush hour… there are always people not following the rules. The rules are simple. BE FREAKING QUIET. But again, all the time, there are people who just aren’t.

Now…when someone is breaking the rules I brace for impact. I think “T-minus….5….4….3….” and the countdown continues until someone YELLS at the rule breaker, “QUIET CAR, THANK YOU!”. Consider this your warning shot rule breaker and I advise you to kindly shut the f up because the next time it’s not going to be so pretty. Mother of 3, business man trying to finish up a call, tourist lost in transit land…Doesn’t matter.

Sometimes the offender laughs it off and other times he/she/they try their luck and continue the bad behavior. Oh boy…in-coming……… “Excuse me!!!! QUIET CAR!!!!!! THIS IS THE QUIET CAR!!!!!” Yells at least one other person in addition to the original person who fired the warning shot. Everyone roles their eyes and now…it’s on.

People get mad at the people who are yelling for the people to get quiet. Imagine that!? A crazy chain reaction to it all. People yelling at the people yelling at the people to be quiet leads to even more ridiculous noise and now everyone is angry and there is crazy tension because everyone almost got in a fist fight because someone’s cell phone rang. Sheesh! So much for my nice quiet ride home.

Frankly the non-quiet cars end up to be more relaxing. There, in the “non-quiet” cars, if someone happens to be chatting on their cell phone for a few minutes you don’t have to ride in fear of the violent backlash from those nasty quiet car militants and can avoid intense tension while getting home to your family after a busy, stressful day. Mind you…I believe in the rules and hope they can be followed. However do we need make matters worse when someone first steps ever-so-slightly out of line by erupting and compiling the problems while causing a big ol’ scene? I think not. The quiet car is really a microcosm of LIFE and can teach us a lot about society if you let it. I say…Look to the quiet car!!! There are lessons everywhere  – even on a stinky commute home on NJ Transit.

Life Lessons brought to you by Chris….you’re welcome.

May your commutes be quiet, friendly and tension-less.

Talkers (Strategy) vs. Doers (Execution)


It’s Ad Week here in NYC. You know what that means….lots of panels! Sweet, right!? I love a good panel. I love sitting back and watching really smart executives talk. It’s awesome to see how certain people conduct themselves and interact with other super smart people and answer well thought-out questions provided by an entertaining moderator. It’s great. Get your popcorn people…let’s talk about some industry issues and innovative approaches to solving them!


I saw some awesome panels with great participants from leading companies. Over the course of listening to these folks…some impressed me and other disappointed me greatly. Specific to those that impressed me, I wondered….Are these folks spewing a bunch of hot air while dressing nicely, speaking intelligently and carrying themselves with an overall sense of supreme confidence and just fooling this entire room full of people? Is it a classic executive smoke and mirror show or do they really have the goods? I’ve learned that, in business and life, there are really 3 types of people….1) Talkers 2) Doers and 3) Talkers who do.

At every job I’ve had over the course of my career I’ve noticed “the talkers”…if they are really good they can almost build a career, and a successful one, by just talking and providing very little executional support at all. For some organizations that’s OK and for others it’s a big problem. These panel talkers were good but I took it all with a grain of salt because I didn’t know what their actions were in the day-to-day business comings and goings. They sure sounded good…but were they just talking or actually making it happen?

I wonder if this issue dates back to the beginning of time. Like do you think back in the Cave Man Era that there was one dude who sat in the village meeting and explained to the group how exactly the food for survival would be found, hunted and gathered? I imagine dude is saying something like this “The need for food is abundantly important for survival. In order to meet our nutritional needs and ensure that our race continues to thrive we need to consume food. Right? In order to solve for the issue at hand, we must make sure that food is our focus and that we can find it. Food is all around us…Over the hill there, I picture a buffalo! This buffalo will eventually provide food and energy for many of our people for a long time…we need this buffalo! Our strategic approach will be to allocate enough man power to surround this buffalo while armed with spears to strike down the large animal. After which…the deceased animal will serve our people and our vision will become an actuality.”

This dude sounds like he knows what he is talking about! He has a plan..a vision…and he can articulate that vision clearly. BUT…what about the dude who is actually picking up his spear, running out to the field and killing the buffalo?! Is the speaker man, the very strategic, big thinker actually out there making it happen? Or is he sitting in his cave, warming by the fire, smoking a tobacco leaf, admiring his mighty strategy to save lives? The vision is important but the doers are the one making it happen and taking words and making them into real actions that provide value in one way or another.

For me…I rather see the visionaries be involved with the execution and really actually be part of the action. Otherwise the talkers will get more and more detached from reality and their visions because unattainable. Talk really is cheap…and while you need strategic visionaries in certain circumstances a really awesome, no joke, value providing executive leader will both set the strategy and be part of making that solution a reality.

The Family. The movie and the straw that broke my Italian back.


So. I haven’t blogged for a while. Ya know, it happens….and when I say “it”…I mean LIFE. Comes at ya quick and unfortunately sometimes I don’t have enough time in the day to get down and blog. Getting ready to welcome a new human into the world and into my family has been time-consuming. That, on top of some work mayhem, has made it difficult. BUT…with all that said here we are. And we are here because something got my juices flowing so I carved out some time to make this happen.

We went and saw THE FAMILY the other night out in Westfield NJ. This was said event…the one that got my juices flowing. Let me first say…the movie was pretty freaking awesome. Bobby D was Bobby D. Meaning he. was. AWESOME. And while it made me feel way old to see Michelle Phiefer looking so, well…OLD. She was awesome too. Throw in that girl from Glee and Tommy Lee Jones and you’ve got yourself a fantastic cast that executes on a witty script.

The story of a constantly displaced family in witness protection delivered some serious laughs. The comedy was steady throughout as was the theme and story of “The Family”. The family was tight…they loved each other. They had to. Always being moved around and living in foreign lands they didn’t have much else to lean on other than their family unit and they seemed to always make the best of what some may have considered a shitty situation. The brother-sister duo attacked a new school with a strategic and calculated approach that quickly led to them achieving serious status and protection from the typical crap that can sometimes make life in high-school, and certainly any new school, so difficult. That was fun to watch. The little bro orchestrated the take down of some bullies and the sister showed the entire school how to treat a lady and how to NOT steal her pink pencil-case. All thru the immediate and potentially alarming drama they had a positive and can-do/”no one can touch us” attitude. Solidarity as a family unit was beautiful to watch between bro and sis and that clearly stemmed from Mom (Catwoman/Michelle Phiefer) and Dad (Bobby D) who were as close as close can get…you could tell there was nothing they wouldn’t do for each other.

Normally I would go a little more in-depth on a movie review BUT I don’t want to ruin your potential viewing experience by saying too much about the plot line and/or spill the beans about the ending. BUT here’s the thing…this ISN’T a movie review blog posting. Surprised? This post is something more, something different. This is about the juices I spoke of before and how they are flowing because – while the movie was a good one…it pissed me off.

Let me explain…

While enjoying the movie I couldn’t help but think about how absolutely sick and tired I am of the movies and TV shows that come out depicting all Italians as prosciutto loving, pasta eating, bad suit wearing, big sun glasses having, bad-tempered, non-intellectual, mobbed up, sub-humans!

Wow, that felt good. But, I mean…right?!

Every single movie, including “THE FAMILY, with an Italian “Family” is so filled with stereotypes it’s disturbing. The fat guys with bad accents, chomping on meats and cheeses, muttering “MADON! FUGETTABOUTIT!” were everywhere in The Family. Frankly and unfortunately it’s just become the norm for any newer programming including Italians to show my people like that…it’s sad and I am over it.

I say all that with a clear understanding and opinion that the classic movies are un-touchable. Godfather can do no wrong…Goodfellas is a gem…The Sopranos was the best…Casino is wonderful…you get it, the list can go on. But all these movies/shows are 10+ years old and were tremendously more relevant to the times it was set in than any new movie that comes out nowadays. Unless I missed it…The Family was set in modern-day. I feel like modern-day mobsters and the mafia have all but disappeared and if (not that I know of any…) they still exist they are way less out in the open, operating quietly with subtle movements as organized crime is a big no-no. With that depletion of mafia dudes…shouldn’t the insane stereotypes in Hollywood also trend downwards? Well I’m not seeing it, capeesh?!

Now, like with most stereotypes…the ones in the movie(s) are generally true. Come to a family gathering of mine and you can bet your ass you’ll see some cured meats and soft cheeses on the table along with dark red wines and all the carbs you can eat. Do some of us have on gold chains with crosses on them? Sure. That doesn’t mean we’re sitting around running numbers, breaking legs, racketeering, extorting and/or laundering money. It just means we like to eat and drink and some of us enjoy gold chains. For a long time I never noticed it – but when you say “I’m 100% Italian” – people judge you due to what they see in the movies and assume you are mobbed up and/or have a Uncle/Cousin/Nephew in the joint. Could I have your legs broken? Sure…but not because I’m Italian…because you are an idiot. Just like any other ethnic background could. So stop thinking weird things about me – you jabroni!

I’d like to end this long, admittedly crazy, rant with a plea. A plea to Hollywood.

HOLLYWOOD – I like mob movies. I’d never ask you to stop production of mob movies. But can we keep it modern-day appropriate and, please, have some Italian characters be something other than a mobster from Brooklyn? You do know we are capable of other things right? Doctors, Lawyers, digital media executives! Let’s show the world, together, Italians can make a positive contribution to society, OK? Please comply…otherwise my Uncle Vito is going to come to your house with a baseball bat. I mean it. Thank you! Signed, Chris Signore