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Go away A-Rod.


If I never hear of and/or see this dude again I would be a happy man.

What an absolute disgrace. There is literally no-one on the planet I despise more right now that this joke of a baseball player. I’m embarrassed that I ever rooted for him and I wish his stench never touched the Yankee organization.

Of all the brilliant moves the Yankee’s front office has pulled off over the years this one may actually go down as the worst in HISTORY. I hope, really hope, that they find a way out of paying him the remaining $60 MILLION on his deal…but something tells me A-ROD is going to be laughing all the way to the bank despite his absolutely despicable legacy.



Ryan Braun. Coming in HOT for biggest liar in sports History.

ryan braun

Yeah I said it. Biggest. Liar. In. Sports HISTORY.
Look at this guy…BUSTED over 12 months ago. 100% screwed to the wall with the whole world watching…He could have admitted then, taken his medicine and saved some face with his sport, fans, the media and all his supporters around the globe. But, of course not. This is not a normal human being – given the choice of humility and accountability and the opportunity to be a man… what does he do? He pulls a Rafael Palmero and blatantly lies thru his teeth. Not only did he lie…he pointed the finger at everyone else. Jerk pointed the finger at baseball, the process, the actual guy who took his urine sample and lord know that guy has a shitty enough job/life as it is. He even had Aaron Rodgers believing him…What a clown (Aaron Rodgers too for believing him).

Welp… I guess he can look on the bright side – at least he can go hang out and be deuchy with A-rod somewhere in Miami or something. I’m sure Jose Canseco is around for a drink or two. I hear Barry Bonds has some time on his hands too. I can picture it now… They can count their money together while they all talk about awesome they once were… and how admired they were back in the day… and how many little kids used to look up to them…and, oh yeah, how much they’ve contributed to the many and recent scars on the wonderful game of baseball that made them all rich and famous. Bunch of dorks. You all deserve the lifetime of judgment and doubt that is sure to follow you around everywhere you go.

How hard is it to do the right thing? Seriously. Just don’t cheat and your wonderful lives continue on. But I guess that is too hard for these egomaniacs.

Ryan Braun…Oprah on line 2. I suggest you answer.

FILE: 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun Tests Positive For PED

I mean, hey – at least he isn’t Lance Armstrong. Doesn’t get any worse than that dude.


Not cool Matt. Not cool


So this is the Mets’ new pitching phenom?
Really dude? One inning and you’ve already hurt the only Yankee who hasn’t been hurt this year. Come on man. You have to be better than that. To hurt someone in an All Star game is about as low as you can get.

Not saying it was intentional – but again, COME ON MAN. It’s Robi Cano…


Steroids and Baseball


Controversy. Baseball has been plaqued with steroid controversy for the last 10+ years and I’m tired of it. I don’t know what’s worse…The way that major league baseball has handled steriod usage and the subsequent “scandals” or the fact that these MORON players, in this day and age, still think they can get away with it.

Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire are the poster boys and pioneers for the steroid use. Remember these meatheads? Even if you aren’t a huge baseball nut like me…you can re-call those few years when baseballs flew out of stadiums nightly like fighter jets leaving the launching pad. 50 Homeruns was an AVERAGE year…these guys were hitting 60+- 70 and breaking all sorts of records. Barry Bonds, the big-headed one, was the most obvious. This guy entered the league a slender, almost lanky, outfielder and left a mountain of a man with a head the size of medicine ball. Check it out…

Pretty easy to see…That’s not natural. So either MLB executives and the people who are supposed to police the game were absolutely blind, deaf and dumb…OR they choose to ignore what was super freaking obvious because homeruns were good for the game. You decide.


These guys were taken to court for perjury where they all lied thru their teeth (again) and apparently baseball didn’t learn their lesson – meaning the league didn’t wise up to what was really happening all over their game and these players thought the best approach was to deny deny deny. The players, who are now all long gone from their playing days, will pay for it by not ever (or at least for a VERY long time) getting inducted to the hall of fame and the MLB, fans, and future prospects have to hear and deal with this mess as the major scar on the face that it is and continues to be.

And what really gets me is – these were great players and I don’t even consider what they did cheating. I think steriods and PEDs were so prevelant that the playing field was esstentially level. These guys blew it up (literally) and took the fall for a really messed up, yet super exciting, period of the game. But still MLB couldn’t handle it like a proper organizaion, who has an issue, by fixing it and moving on…their lackluster rules, testing procedures, oversight and ultimate control left this mess uncleaned for far too long. And no, I don’t want to hear about “the union” (Bud Selig the “great” peace maker comish) who protects the players and let this practice go on. MLB and it’s owners write the checks. They are responsible for the game and those who play it.

NOW – after Giambi, A-Rod, Palmero, Clemens, Cansesco, Ortiz, Braun, Melky, A-Rod again, Cruz, and A-rod some more – and the list goes on… we are STILL dealing with this mess with “Biogensis” and MLB continues to show a level of incompetence that is utterly astounding. Every year its something and I’m OVER. IT. Like “Breaking news….MLB just discovered that 4 years ago 27 players used a banned substance. Suspensions pending.” Give me a break.

You have TWO choices MLB…Either 1) clean it up 100% and get it done, like for real! OR…2)Turn a blind eye and plead ignorance as these guys stuff their veins and the stat sheets.
In-between doesn’t work.
Players…you have TWO choices as well 1)Don’t be a freaking idiot 2) If you get caught, admit it and don’t go down like Roger Clemens.


Fantasy Baseball is my nerd kryponite.



For those of you who know me…believe me when I say “I’m no nerd.”. Mind you…I say that with LOVE. I think nerds are cool – hell I married one (love you babe!). But when it comes to me…I’m not into too many thing that nerds are typically into.

I don’t like Star Trek (actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of them), I’ve never seen a full Harry Potter movie start to finish, I was/am good at sports, I’m just OK at MATH, I never played MAGIC and or Worlds of Warcraft, I don’t read books unless I have to, I enjoyed high school A LOT and, up until only a few weeks ago, I’ve always had 20/20 vision. You get my point right?

So generally speaking…I’m no nerd but there is something i totally GEEK out about. Yes, its fantasy baseball. I love it. There is something strangely gratifying about “taking credit” for an Albert Pujols home run. Fantasy baseball combines my love for baseball, the competitive spirit, gambling (!!) and the chance to live vicariously through todays superstars. Basically it is just my definition of awesome!

Sometimes I obsess. I admit – when I’m home, at times when I should be doing something productive, I find myself checking stats and or setting my lineups. It can be a problem…but it’s also just so much fun you can’t stop me!

There are just so many things to consider – and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t think about all this stuff when drafting and or setting the daily (yes daily) lineup.
1) Match ups!
Who is facing who? What teams? What Pitchers?!?! This is crucial to any line-up making decision.
2) Stadium and conditions
Is it raining? Wind blowing out? what’s the temperature?
3) Streaks/Who is Hot
Slumps? Who is raking? When will a slump end and or begin is KEY to being a good fantasy manager. Timing is everything.
4) Stats needed for each match-up
Each week is different. You have to manage your team so to beat your competitor – nothing else matters.
5) Playing time/Days off
Who is due a day off? Will they play two in a double-header or just one?

AND…there are more but I’ll spare you the nerdy details.

Maybe I am a nerd then (I say while wearing by brand new reading glasses)? Some may say YES! Or maybe Fantasy Baseball just has a bad rep and it’s truly NOT nerdy at all but just that awesome for those who are into it? Either way…I embrace it. I’m a Fantasy Baseball NERD for life suckas!

Yanks have some issues…


Not in a VERY long time (certainly in the last 10-15 years) have I been so down on the Yankee’s roster and current overall situation. We’ve done better at the start than I expected…and our 1-4 start was certainly ominous and for obvious reasons. I understand needing to get under the luxury tax and the importance of that for the long term…but SHEESH! CRAZY injuries will make it difficult to stay afloat while we wait to get healthy.

Let’s go over the long list of issues, shall we?

1) Derek Jeter.

The captain and arguably the most important team member is coming off a broken ankle that kept him out of action for 6 months. He’s back in Tampa with no time table to return. OUCH. Let’s face it…my favorite player of all time is getting old. He’s still got it and I believe can continue to deliver hits, leadership and play a solid SS..but coming off a broken ankle and now being delayed at the start of the season is no joke and he’s already had some set backs. What we can expect from him and WHEN this year is up in the air and a HUGE concern.

2) Mark Texieria


Wrist injuries are the WORST. Could be 6-8 weeks. Could be the whole year. This leaves a huge hole at first base. Tex has had his issues at the plate (especially in the post season) but his defense alone makes him really hard to replace. Also – if TEX is able to get back…everyone knows he isn’t exactly a hot starter. Chances are he is going to need 2 months to warm up and by then it might be already too late in the AL EAST

3) Curtis Grandersen
MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers
I hope Curtis got his eyes checked. He was blind as a bat in the post season last year…dude didn’t have a shot to even make contact. BUT…40 HRs per year is no joke. He was built to hit in Yankee stadium and has been solid in the outfield. He can’t come back soon enough as the power surge will be an issue.

4) Who the hell is going to catch?

We lost Russel Martin. Are we really counting on Cervelli to be a starting catcher?!



Phil has been volatile and inconsistent his first few years in the bigs…BUT…when dude is ON he is ON. I feel like he’s been getting better and was really looking forward to a healthy HUGHES this year to see what he can do. WELP, scratch that. He’s struggling already and I’m sure there is a nagging injury that will haunt us all year.

6) Vernon Wells

REALY?!? This is one hell of a stretch but I hope it works out. Vernon has historically KILLED the yanks. Even when he was hitting sub .200 (most of last year) dude always found a away to string together great series vs. the yanks. He has started pretty OK and I hope that he has an amazing year and comes back to life – but this is a big risk if we are asking Vernon to shoulder the load when it comes to what we’ve lost, power wise, in the outfield via injuries thus far.

7) Mo Rivera

Mo. the G.O.A.T – coming back after a HUGE injury for his goodbye tour. We lost Soriano (who was lights out last year)…so a lot of eggs in this MO basket. I have faith! BUT what if something goes wrong and Mo isn’t Mo. Could be a problem.


Classic SWISH.

Classic SWISH.

Who is going to replace this dude’s energy and overall positivity!?! SIKE. I couldn’t be happier that I don’t have to deal with watching this clown all year. Dude straight disappeared in the post season. every. single. year. Like “what’s wrong with Swish??? I’ll tell you…nothing. He is a faker…Clevland can have him.

Needless to say…2013 will be an interesting season and early on we have serious question marks. But its cool – cause unlike the majority of METS and or Phillies fans that I know – i’m not a hater of my squad when things are bad. I’m hopeful and will stay optimistic this season no matter what. Adversity builds character and you need that on your team in order to go deep into October. BASEBALL!!!!!!!!

PS – I didn’t mention A rod for a reason. He’s not worth mentioning…even though I’m kinda mentioning him now.