Ryan Braun. Coming in HOT for biggest liar in sports History.

ryan braun

Yeah I said it. Biggest. Liar. In. Sports HISTORY.
Look at this guy…BUSTED over 12 months ago. 100% screwed to the wall with the whole world watching…He could have admitted then, taken his medicine and saved some face with his sport, fans, the media and all his supporters around the globe. But, of course not. This is not a normal human being – given the choice of humility and accountability and the opportunity to be a man… what does he do? He pulls a Rafael Palmero and blatantly lies thru his teeth. Not only did he lie…he pointed the finger at everyone else. Jerk pointed the finger at baseball, the process, the actual guy who took his urine sample and lord know that guy has a shitty enough job/life as it is. He even had Aaron Rodgers believing him…What a clown (Aaron Rodgers too for believing him).

Welp… I guess he can look on the bright side – at least he can go hang out and be deuchy with A-rod somewhere in Miami or something. I’m sure Jose Canseco is around for a drink or two. I hear Barry Bonds has some time on his hands too. I can picture it now… They can count their money together while they all talk about awesome they once were… and how admired they were back in the day… and how many little kids used to look up to them…and, oh yeah, how much they’ve contributed to the many and recent scars on the wonderful game of baseball that made them all rich and famous. Bunch of dorks. You all deserve the lifetime of judgment and doubt that is sure to follow you around everywhere you go.

How hard is it to do the right thing? Seriously. Just don’t cheat and your wonderful lives continue on. But I guess that is too hard for these egomaniacs.

Ryan Braun…Oprah on line 2. I suggest you answer.

FILE: 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun Tests Positive For PED

I mean, hey – at least he isn’t Lance Armstrong. Doesn’t get any worse than that dude.



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