Social Media – So awesome…yet so annoying in so many ways. It’s changed our lives (some might argue if for the better)…and recently I’ve come to a shocking conclusion. They all either stink OR I’m in some weird demographic where no app/experience/platform/technology is doing me much good and annoys me in some significant way. Most likely it’s the latter. Let’s explore…

Too old.
I knew it was over when parents and grand parents, aunts/uncles and long lost family got on this. It was wonderful while it lasted and those first few years of Facebook where magical…but it’s over.

Too non-functional
You can check in with Facebook…you can mention where you are in Tweets…people can see where you are with Instagram. When I go to a cool place and/or event I don’t need to be opening every app on my phone to make my friends jealous. Foursquare just never did anything for me.

Awesome platform. Great usability, takes cool pictures and really intuitive. But damn it…there are no “new” pictures ever. Aside from those new parents posting daily shots of their kids I really get no action. Because of that I add more people that I don’t care about and they post stupid pictures that I wish I never saw. It’s a deadly cycle.

Too uptight
Don’t get me wrong – I love me some linkedIn…but it’s work. It’s not “Social” Media…it’s more “professional” media.

Too young
What is it? I don’t know. And that’s rare because I know everything generally. If it’s “for the kids” I don’t fit in the category anymore.

To Fast
I can’t keep up and it’s frustrating because I miss a lot of witty action. In line with that…I have some straight up GEMs that I’m sure no one sees. Trying to keep up and tweeting often enough for anyone to see it stresses me out.

Too Loud
Damn Vine! Turn the volume down. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve tried to check out the new posts only to be embarrassed by crazy-ass broken up audio of a bunch of drunk people at a party.

Too messy!
What the hell is this? People, friends, celebrities, news…pictures…hangouts?! I’m confused. Overloaded and I’m OUT. Nice try Google but this aint happening.

I don’t PIN…so no ranting on PINTEREST and I’m hearing a lot about REDDIT but have no clue what it is and frankly don’t care as it is enough work keeping up with my current list. It’s just too much and part of me feels life would be better without all these “tools” keeping us so up to date on all the happenings of every single person we know (or met one time). BUT that begs some very serious questions…….. how would we brag about our awesome lives? How would we make people jealous about our sweet vacations? How could we depict how awesome our babies/puppies/cats are? Where would we share amazing news with just a few short key strokes? and….feel amazingly super awesome on our birthdays?! Ugh, Chris is conflicted. I hate them…but can’t imagine living without them.

Excuse me, I gotta go… I have some work to do. I need to update my status, check-in, take a instagram, tweet it up, pin, “plus”, link up and then take a vine showing the world something that I think is super freaking cool!


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