Have you guys seen this one? Marketed as a quirky rom-com starring the lovely and talented Tina Fey alongside Mr. Paul Rudd himself, a certified comedy superstar, Admission was set up to be pretty awesome. Some…i’m sure thought it was. Me…not so much.

A giggle… maybe two – that’s all it got from me. And more than a lingering feeling of “oh, how sweet. That was funny…That Tina Fey did it again!” I was left with a resounded “WTF…are you serious?!”

“But Chris…” you say “Why the violent reaction to such a generally pleasing film?” Welp…I’ll tell you and if you anything like me (there aren’t many of us) you were offended too.

Near the end of the movie, really the climax of the whole story line, good ol’ Tina’s character is carrying out her duties as an admission officer at Princeton university. She is pleading her case for a young, talented, quirky dude who…she thought was potentially her son (she found out later it wasn’t). This kid was bright…didn’t really care about grades but had a passion for learning. Tina was hell-bent on getting this kid into the school. It was about his core – his ideas- his unconventional talent and intelligence…and she believed was the perfect candidate for Princeton and that he generally deserved to get it. That’s all well and good…Atta girl TINA, do your thing! But… what’s not cool at all is how she totally sabotaged the entire group of other candidates she was responsible while trying to get “her son” to stand out and gain ultimate approval from the rest of the admission board. Not cool Tina…Not cool.

What did those kids do wrong? They wanted to go to school there too. Read with a monotone and not impressed/ blasé’voice she says “4.0…perfect SATs and ACTS…first chair violin….captain of the Lacrosse team…4 brothers and sisters…chair of the non-for profit homeless soup kitchen organization…blah blah” Totally not doing her job and not giving poor Bobby (whatever their names were) their far chance at getting into the school as she did for her “SON”. Lamesauce. This is not America. I mean…was it only me that has issue with this?! Maybe it was…but I can’t stand for it.

All I wanted was a good laugh and a happy ending to end my busy work week and start my weekend…what I got was a ball of frustration brought on by intense hypocrisy that seeded this crap pile of a movie. Hey TINA – he’s NOT your son, stop cheating and do your job. Bobby deserves the same chance your not-Son does and he actually did the work and has the resume to get there too.

end scene.


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