True Blood truely stinks to high heaven



True Blood used to be about PEOPLE and Vampires. PEOPLE…and VAMPIRES. And it was cool. Great concept…How would vampires and people interact? Could they live together? What kind of crazy hijinks would they get into together as friends? The first few seasons were awesome. Drama, comedy, violence, action and romantically charged intrigue all exploded on the screen like a fresh blood spatter! But now…things have changed.

I mean come on…Werewolves, fairies, shifters, ghosts, other dimensions, witches, mediums, fairy grandfathers, super vampires and more things that are totally made up. What’s next? I’m afraid to ask. It’s 100% ridiculous and makes no sense whatsoever.

This thing has spiraled so far out of control I can’t stand to watch it and unfortunately have to question those who are still into this thing…”why are you still watching this??” I’ve even tried to get back into it for some reason but that didn’t work at all as the last scene I checked out ….involved a fairy grandfather, who obviously appeared out of nowhere, jumping to another dimension in Suki’s kitchen to then come back all wet and tackle Jason for no apparent reason. He then described the magic power he possess that can KILL, totally, all vampires everywhere. Sweet…

I know a lot of you are still hooked but…I’d recommend you take your invitation (and precious TV watching time) back and make those blood suckers leave your house and TV forever.


One comment

  1. tracy adams

    What I can’t get over is all the great material they could have used from the books! I know they don’t have to follow it word for word but this is so far off the mark it just makes me sad for what could have been a GREAT show for much longer.

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