People who have been annoying me lately…

The list was growing. Had to get it out…

Chris Bosh – Homeboy should be embarrassed. Zero points in a game 7. 5 fouls. And a whole lot of complaining. Let’s start calling it the “big two” because Mr Bosh played super small when it counted the most.

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian- I mean, come on…”North West”. That hurts me deep down inside. You know those conversations you have with your friends being like, “Wouldn’t it be funny IF….” That was this except Kanye West is so super cray cray that he actually went ahead and did it. Like “I want to name my kid NORTH…get it?! Cause it would be North West…classic right?!” Poor child. Not only is she going to have put up with, for her entire life, the embarrassing “legacy” of his parents (sex tapes, drunken rants on award shows, political statement gibberish, beef with Justin Timberlake etc) the poor kid’s name is NORTH.
"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

People on the Citi-Bikes – People. Just because you are on a “Citi-Bike” doesn’t mean the rest of the world yields to you. Ride the things like normal people or don’t ride them at all. And another thing – How many parking spots did these things take up!? Sure…cause there are plenty of those to spare in NYC. I give this little experiment 6 months before someone gets hit by a car and ultimately gets cancelled.

Train make up doers – Ladies, not cool. I mean – wake up 5 minutes earlier and do your make up at home. If you can’t…ok…find a bath room to cake on that powder. I don’t need to see, smell and/or feel you doing make-up on the morning commute in front of hundreds of people. There has to be a better way…

Stephen A Smith – I can’t stand this dude and I can already picture the ridiculousness that we will have to endure from him on ESPN for the next few weeks talking about the Heat, Lebron James and everything else. I can picture it now – in his insane voice and blank stare face…. “I’ll tell you something – this was unequivocally, irrevocably the most dominant performance by an athlete or any NBA player of ALL TIME. My immense gratitude directed towards Mr. Lebron James and his whole crew has grown expotentailly…blah blah blah big word…bliggidy blah”.

stephen a smith


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