Steroids and Baseball


Controversy. Baseball has been plaqued with steroid controversy for the last 10+ years and I’m tired of it. I don’t know what’s worse…The way that major league baseball has handled steriod usage and the subsequent “scandals” or the fact that these MORON players, in this day and age, still think they can get away with it.

Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire are the poster boys and pioneers for the steroid use. Remember these meatheads? Even if you aren’t a huge baseball nut like me…you can re-call those few years when baseballs flew out of stadiums nightly like fighter jets leaving the launching pad. 50 Homeruns was an AVERAGE year…these guys were hitting 60+- 70 and breaking all sorts of records. Barry Bonds, the big-headed one, was the most obvious. This guy entered the league a slender, almost lanky, outfielder and left a mountain of a man with a head the size of medicine ball. Check it out…

Pretty easy to see…That’s not natural. So either MLB executives and the people who are supposed to police the game were absolutely blind, deaf and dumb…OR they choose to ignore what was super freaking obvious because homeruns were good for the game. You decide.


These guys were taken to court for perjury where they all lied thru their teeth (again) and apparently baseball didn’t learn their lesson – meaning the league didn’t wise up to what was really happening all over their game and these players thought the best approach was to deny deny deny. The players, who are now all long gone from their playing days, will pay for it by not ever (or at least for a VERY long time) getting inducted to the hall of fame and the MLB, fans, and future prospects have to hear and deal with this mess as the major scar on the face that it is and continues to be.

And what really gets me is – these were great players and I don’t even consider what they did cheating. I think steriods and PEDs were so prevelant that the playing field was esstentially level. These guys blew it up (literally) and took the fall for a really messed up, yet super exciting, period of the game. But still MLB couldn’t handle it like a proper organizaion, who has an issue, by fixing it and moving on…their lackluster rules, testing procedures, oversight and ultimate control left this mess uncleaned for far too long. And no, I don’t want to hear about “the union” (Bud Selig the “great” peace maker comish) who protects the players and let this practice go on. MLB and it’s owners write the checks. They are responsible for the game and those who play it.

NOW – after Giambi, A-Rod, Palmero, Clemens, Cansesco, Ortiz, Braun, Melky, A-Rod again, Cruz, and A-rod some more – and the list goes on… we are STILL dealing with this mess with “Biogensis” and MLB continues to show a level of incompetence that is utterly astounding. Every year its something and I’m OVER. IT. Like “Breaking news….MLB just discovered that 4 years ago 27 players used a banned substance. Suspensions pending.” Give me a break.

You have TWO choices MLB…Either 1) clean it up 100% and get it done, like for real! OR…2)Turn a blind eye and plead ignorance as these guys stuff their veins and the stat sheets.
In-between doesn’t work.
Players…you have TWO choices as well 1)Don’t be a freaking idiot 2) If you get caught, admit it and don’t go down like Roger Clemens.




  1. kevvygillikin

    Baseball seems to be doing a good job with cleaning up baseball. Far too late of course but I think they are taking it into their hands to make the game cleaner and cheater free. The steroid era may be completely over or on it’s way there but players will always try to gain the upper hand and for the future in sports there will always be some new scandal in need of being cleaned up. The whole thing sickens me but truly I still love the sport.

    • chrissignore

      Biogenesis would not have happened if baseball was doing a good job. I too, love the game friend – that’s why I’m so pissed having to hear about asterisks in record books. All this should and could have been fixed a long time ago. MLB knew about biogenesis for a long time.

      • kevvygillikin

        Ya, true true…I guess it really all comes down to money. MLB doesn’t want their best players sidelined and obviously don’t want the ugly mark of steroids on the game. Some of these things are hard to keep in line though I think. So many players in baseball, how can you test them enough to always catch the cheaters?

      • kevvygillikin

        Ya, I agree. Maybe find a way to punish the teams as well so they will try harder to keep their players clean. The fact that the Giants had Melky Cabrera as their superstar for half of a season while he was convicted of cheating…just doesn’t seem right to me. Teams should be punished as well but really the only way to do that is through money.

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