GAME 7. Big time drama coming at ya!
Can’t wait (hopefully I can stay awake for it)!

Funny how he leaves Cleveland because he didn’t want to shoulder 110% of the proverbial load…and now look what’s happened in the last few games of the playoffs. Lebron is forced to single-handedly score more points than the entire other team in order for his squad to win. He left Cleveland to share some of the pressure and now it is, without a doubt, 100% ALL on Lebron to see if the HEAT make it to the finals or not.

I kinda want him to lose but I also can’t stand the thought of a Pacers vs. Spurs final. Conflicted as I may be…I’ll be watching to see if Lebron does his thing and adds to his legacy OR to see if he buckles, complains about his team and leaves to go somewhere else.


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