Business Lingos and what they really mean…

The OfficeofficeWorkersHighFive

Ahhh Yes. Business Lingo. Somewhere inbetween all the POVs, FYIs, ROIs and OOOs. When used correctly…one can talk for several consecutive minutes…without really saying or commiting to a single thing. When misused…one can completely expose themselves as not really knowing anything at all…other than business lingo. Either way – it’s fasinating and some of the actual translations are pretty clear when you think about it.

Let’s take a look at some of the phrases most of use almost every day and what we are really trying to say when we say it, shall we?

“Let us circle back and let you know of any next steps.”
– I have nothing for you right now and probably wont, ever.

In an email that got no first/timely response – “Following up here…”
– ummmm HELLO?! Are you ignoring me?

Starting off a call – “So to make the best use of everyone’s time…”
– Let’s cut through the BS and talk about only the important stuff please.

“I’ll loop you in as needed”
– You’re not important enough to be involved nor would you really help the process

“I don’t think that can scale…”
– That’s a horrible idea.

“To set expectations…”
– This is probably not going to be as big/important/crazy as you originally thought

“I can see some synergies here”
– There is nothing immediately actionable or quantifiable here…but I like you.

“I have a hard stop.”
– I want to make sure I have an excuse to get off this call/meeting because I don’t think it warrants my full attention and time anyway.

“Let’s take a step back.”
– BEEP BEEP BEEP….back it up.

“I think we should put a pin in this…”
– This has nothing to do with anything so please stop talking about it.

“As previously discussed…”
– Dude…I told you that already!

“You can take that off-line.”
– That’s NOT. MY. PROBLEM.


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