What would you do? (POWERBALL, Mega-Millions)

OK. Seriously. What would you do?



This past weekend some lucky (or not so lucky depending on how you look at it) S.O.B. down in FLORIDA hit the jackpot! Total pot was over $550 Million…I read somewhere that if no one that round the powerball jackpot would have gone up to over $900 Million! That’s close to a BILLION for all you keeping track. I know it’s brought up a lot…but I wonder what I would do…

I think I would find the most joy out of combining Santa, Bob Barker and Oprah when they are in the most excitable gift-giving moods and hitting all my friends and family with some serious stuff and watching their heads explode. More than the cars and houses (which btw I’d also probably buy) I’d love to pull up to a friends house and be all “A NEW CAR!!!!”. Then have a party and have the newest stuff, perhaps even wads of cash, and throw them out to all my friends..like “one for YOU…one for YOU…and YOU…and you!” and just blow everyone’s mind. Then walk around the neighborhood with a santa cap on and just make dreams come true. “Hey Kid…tell SantaChris what you want..” “Oh, a new bike?! BAM!!! here you go!” Wouldn’t that be cool?



I’d try and do some real charity work as well, probably check out the red cross, Children’s Hospital etc. but, and I know this sounds skeptical, without 100% control of that cash you really don’t know where it goes. I’d, being the control freak that I can be sometimes, have to start my own foundation to make sure I accounted for every cent and make sure it was doing some good. Hire some good people and make it rain all some good causes.

In addition to my charitable contributions I’d love to start a VC firm. I’m always jealous of those guys. How great of a job do you have? Listen to new, exciting ideas from some of the smartest up and comers in the space and then choose who you believe in and be part of building something from the ground up…And of course, with the potential for a HUGE payoff. That’s a nice way to spend your days. Speak on some panels…sit on some boards…”consult” for larger companies looking for some help. That’s what I’m talking about.

If I had REAL money…like Oprah, Mark Cuban, Jay Z/Beyonce type of money…I’d totally look into buying in a sports franchise. That’s the pinnacle. I mean I know its a typical answer but there is a reason for that. Owning a sports team would be amazing. I know the Steinbrenners are not looking to sell anytime soon…but if I knocked on Hal’s door with a few billion dollars…we’d at least have an interesting conversation.

I think ultimately…I’d use money to stay busy doing cool things that I enjoyed. I think a lot of people picture themselves living it up in the south of France, spending their days drunk and yelling and servants. Not me man. Cause what else would I do? Count money all day? Nope, not me. I’d like to think that I’d be just as driven and work just as hard as I do now. I’ll just have to hit the next jackpot to find out.


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