We are having a…… (wait for it….)

So I have a story to tell.
Per my previous posts…the wife and I were all set for a big reveal with her family out in Iowa. We had the plan all set. The appointment was Wednesday and we flew out to Iowa on Friday with the rest of her immediate family. At dinner, before too much got out of control, we were to open a gift that was secretly wrapped by the local baby store, using the information from our secret envelope, to reveal a super awesome onesie and thus the sex of our child that is currently growing in my wife’s belly. The onesie was to be either blue or pink…pretty straight forward right? Well…yes, but not really.
You see…during our Wednesday appointment I saw something. At the time it was something I thought I shouldn’t see. After all the sonograms and 3D pictures the sonogram lady left some information visible that I wasn’t sure she should have…

I have, from the second we found out we were pregnant, always thought we were having a girl. So…when I saw SEX = FEMALE on the info sheet I was not surprised at all. YES!! Exactly what I thought and planned for. I wanted to jump for joy and give my wife a big celebratory kiss…But… Shit. I just peeked some info that she didn’t see. Need to keep this on the hush hush due our big reveal plan. “Ok Chris. No big deal. Keep your mouth shut for two days and don’t ruin the surprise!”

It wasn’t easy but we made it Iowa. The whole time I had, what I thought, was the super secret information about our future baby. I thought “should I just tell her?” Part of me felt bad. Like I was withholding information from my wife. But I kept thinking of the surprise and didn’t want to ruin it for her or her family who were super excited that we were going to share this moment with them.

My wife and mother-in-law headed to the mall to execute the last mission before we could deploy operation “reveal”. They stopped into the local mall and went to the baby store and informed the merchants of our plan. The merchants were thrilled to be involved and were more than happy to wrap up the appropriate onesie using the info from the envelope. My wife left with a box, wrapped in gender neutral colors (same one that is posted on my previous blog) and took it home. GATHER AROUND everyone it is time!

We gathered and I was so happy that the secret was about to be out. I just wanted everyone to know what I knew the entire time. It would be a load off my chest and…finally everyone would be in on this exciting information and we can share with the rest of our friends and family who have also been asking about the sex non-stop for the last few days. “Oh man, I’m so nervous!!!” My wife says…”Not me, I’m excited.” I say. OK…we start to open the gift wrapped box.

In my head “can’t wait to see the cute little pink outfit that they picked out for us and call my mom to tell her she is going to haver a sweet little grand daughter to play with in 4 months”. Gift gets unwrapped and………………BLUE onesie is pulled out!!!! Yes, WE HAVE BLUE, PEOPLE.

I was completely SHOCKED. I was 110% sure we were having a girl. I didn’t believe the blue onesie that my eyes were staring at. No way…Could the women at the store have messed this up? I grabbed for the envelop from the sonogram person…PINK paper. “They must of messed it up”…I opened the pink paper and it clearly says “CONGRATS you are having a BOY”. Those little tricksters. It was right and the ladies didn’t mess anything up and turns out the information that I had peeked at was patient information and not specific to the baby (duh! Chris.) The onesie was legit and the correct color. We are having a BOY. My mind exploded.

To add yet another wrinkle, to this already complex tale, my wife thought she was keeping a secret from me! She was almost positive that she saw a little something in one of the sonogram pictures that they gave us. I choose to ignore, what now looks clear as day, the male unit that my son has and seemed to be showing off in this one particular picture. So while I was 1000% sure it was a girl…my wife was about 90% it was a boy thanks to this picture. What a wild sequence of events all leading up to us finding out we are going to have a little homie instead of a little chica.

Hasn’t sunk in yet and we have no real good boys names. But…I’m extremely siked! Can’t wait to raise a little man. Is it too early to buy sporting goods? No, never too early for sporting goods.





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