So I’m doing work to the house…




About two years ago, when we bought our house, I never thought we wanted to or needed to put too much work into the place. Actually the reason I loved the house as much as I did was because it didn’t need a lot of work and being the not-so-handy man that I am that appealed to me.

As we speak…our plumber doing work in the attic. If you read my past blog(s) i mentioned we were adding an additional bath room and finishing our upstairs attic and right now there is some serious drilling going on. I have no idea what is actually happening but its serious and its loud so I can only assume lots of stuff is going down. Anyway…I thought this would be easy. Man was I wrong.

Every day it is something. Whether its a new “feature” that we are adding that will inevitably cost crazy loot, a problem with what we originally asked for and/or anything else you can imagine…every day I deal with something. I was hoping to avoid having to work and manage a project when I get home from work but it has gotten to that place where it need my attention in a big way and i’m not terribly happy about that. And mind you…I am just finishing one level of my house and including some plumbing for a bathroom. No big deal, right? WRONG.

We, like anyone who would get work done to their house, got estimates for the costs. Wasn’t bad. Seriously…I got estimates and thought “we can do this even if it’s a little over budget”. Well…we are REALLY over budget now and i’d say we not even half way done. Driving me crazy! “just how much over budget are we talking about here Chris??” you ask. It’s over 50% and will be worse by the time we are done. So think about that for a second – someone says to you “I’ll do the job for X” – Halfway through that job I’m at X plus 50% and wouldn’t be surprised if we end up 2x our original budget. Crazy right? (It’s kinda funny…I just laughed at myself because I was about to throw in a comment about real estate tax or something about my morgage rate and that would have just been too much grown up stuff at once- Look at what i’ve become! Kinda scary)

ANYWAY – we have a contractor/handy man that we have used for odd jobs and other recommendations when we have needed work done. He does great work and has always been upfront with me. This is the biggest job we’ve done with him and now I’m totally wishing we planned better and paid close attention to the details before pulling the trigger because this clearly was not properly thought out or planned right at the outset nor was it accurate in pricing for my estimate. This guy finishes work…and almost EVERY DAY comes down with a “new” invoice. “Dude…what is this?” I say…”Blah blah blah, addtional additional, wasn’t sure…blah blah…then I…and we need to…blah blah…money” That’s what I hear from him and my soul hurts a little more each time I reach for my checkbook. I might have a nice attic and somepoint but when it’s all said and don’t I might need to take out a second mortage or…MOVE. (jk- i’m being dramatic.)

If you are a homeowner you understand that even little-to-no work needed, when describing a house or a “quick and easy job” still means you will spend a crazy amount of money on stuff that you never even thought you’d have to. Odds and ends…electric work, plumbing…OK, Fine- I can deal with those issues cause you need those things to work if broken but… this upgrade/renovation is self inflicted so I have no one to blame but me. Ain’t that some shit.

This better be the nicest, coolest, upstairs attic situation with a bathroom, that raises the value of my house by at least 15% EVER.


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