It’s sex day!


That’s right folks it’s SEX day. Today my wife and I have our 20 week sonogram and we will be finding out if we will be having an awesome little boy or a sweet little girl.

So…while today is the day of the sonogram we actually won’t be finding out what we are having until this weekend. You see – we are creating a special moment by waiting to find out the sex (via a secret envelope) until this weekend because we will be out in Iowa with my wife’s family and thought it would be fun to find out together. Cool huh? I think it’ll be AWESOME…but what won’t be awesome is the three days I have to stare at the envelope knowing that there is some special information in there for me and that I can’t (or shouldn’t) open that.

Anticipation can be exciting yet painful. It’s like Christmas…do you sneak down and rip a little wrapping paper to get a peek of the goods?? Or do you stay in bed and count the hours until you can tear into those things?

PS- the sonogram pic here is NOT my baby! I grabbed it from google images. Just thought I’d let you know and give credit to whoever baby that actually is. Nice sonogram person.



  1. Chris

    Congrats on the baby. My wife and I are expecting our 3rd kid in September. Just had the 20 week appointment a couple of weeks ago but not finding out. Actually we didn’t find out with our other two kids either. How you’re doing is pretty cool though. Congrats and good luck.

    • chrissignore

      Thanks Chris! I apprecaite the well wishes…and good luck to YOU sir. 3 kids will be a handful no doubt. I told my wife…”we’ll see how this first one goes…”

  2. Annemarie Signore

    So glad you and Abbie get to experience new life! It is a miracle for sure. Can’t wait to here the news.

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