Google Glass – not for the masses



Ok, so I’m about to say it…and I apologize in advance if this offends any of my people in the Ad Tech/Digital Media world…but Google has to be freaking kidding me with this, right?

Look at these things. I don’t care if they give you super human nerd power…these are the most offensive looking thing that you could possible wear out in public. Not only do they look absolutely pretentious and absurd on your face…you are creeping out every single person that you come in contact with. When someone, who is wearing these monstrosities, looks at you (or anyone in their line of sight) they are potentially pulling up Internet information about you (via pictures) in real time. With these jams on their faces people are so clearly and certainly not paying attention to anything happening in real life. Are we really saying that we can no longer look down at our phones to be connected to cyber space and that we need a mini screen implanted an inch from our eye ball at all times? This is just too much for me.

From what I’ve heard the battery stinks, it hurts your eyes, you can’t turn it off, voice command is shotty, you can’t see the screen in bright lights…and…the kicker is there is really no good use case for it at all. Question I’m asking constantly is…”What do they really even do?”

From my friendly POV – not only are you not getting any real functionality at all, you look like a criminally insane/super elitist type while also scaring those around you. Real quick way to end up with no real life human friends.

What I find, particularly, strange is that to date – GOOGLE has done a wonderful job and providing software and digital products for the masses and HUGE scale across the world. Search, Maps, Email, Chat, documents, cloud products, Andriod IOS…They kill it in those areas and those products are for everyone. Even more complex b2b products like ad tech including ad servers, targeting tools, network solutions, measurement and analytics…again KILLING IT for online businesses everywhere. But Hardware? And strange-looking, confusing uses case, not supremely functional hardware at that. This is just clearly not for the masses and seems as odd as they look as far as a strategic move/product for Google.

Innovative? That is up for debate. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

If this doesn't say "punch me right in the face, please!" I don't know what does

If this doesn’t say “please help me.” I don’t know what does.

PS- I could be wrong (typical Chris disclaimer) – Google could fix the kinks and these things could be the next big thing. This would not be the first time I’m wrong. BUT – I can say with 100% certainty that you won’t be catching me rocking these nerd spectacles anytime soon/ever.

A little more fuel for the fire from the good people at BI.

-all opinions are my own. Copywrite @chris signore 2013


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