Last thing I expected from Sergio, after the way he played all week….was for a little Tin Cup action on the 17th hole. Come on man! You were a full club short the first time…why in the world did you play the same shot the second time?! Quadruple Bogey. Real smooth man, real smooth.

For the record – I loved that Sergio was standing up to Tiger and giving him shit all week. Tiger is a force of nature and 99.9% of all other golfers just get out of his way. Not Sergio. He was playing well and talking the talk. Real shame it ended like this. Real shame indeed.

You’ve been running your mouth all week, acting tough, going toe to toe with the best golfer of all time only to blow it all in spectacular fashion. Not only a huge blow to your ego but a blow to your wallet. Poor Sergio lost about $1.5 in the time it took me to grab a beer from the fridge. I know he’s rich so I don’t feel TOO bad for him…but talk about insult to injury. Tiger ends up victorious and your wheels falls off on the second to last hole costing a small furtune.



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