Happy Endings


It will be a shame if this show is cancelled. Anyone else been as into this show as me? I’m scared though…it’s in TV network purgatory. Friday nights. Not a good sign.

Happy endings has really delivered some serious laughs and has all the great components of a sit-com that could be around a very long time and even reach the ultimate sit-com goal…wait for it…………syndication and an abundant amount of day time and early evening re-runs on the Turner network! Great characters that interact with each other in unique and interesting ways and stellar comedic timing. The other main component is…there really is no story. No plot line. No real drama. But..it’s quality television people! I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention and believe it should and could have the same traction as New Girl and even Modern Family (gasp!). Someone in the marketing department has some explaining to do because the show is fire and I’m baffled as to its small audience.

They have the ditzzy blonde…the gay guy… the super up tight-OCD white girl married to a eccentric black guy…the guy who thinks he cooler than he actually is…and of course the wildcard female whose personal and professional life always seems to be a hot mess. Sit-com gold. Each episode seems to focus on a different character each time yet ties it all togehter wonderfully. I thought this puppy was going to be a hit. I’m really surprised that it got the network move around and now seems to be on the way out.

If nothing else I really hope those aquisition guys over at TBS pick up the few seasons that exist. Lord know we could do without all those Everyone Loves Raymond and even though I LOVE it…I’ve seen enough King of Queens to last a long while.


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