Mad Men wins at TV



I’ve loved Mad Men for a long time. I was late to the party but once discovered i caught up quick! I believe I started watching the show about half way through season 3…At that point it was non-stop net flix/Itunes action to get up to speed. Wasn’t the most productive time in my life but we made it happen and it was quiet enjoyable. I loved almost every episode and it’s clear as to why the show is such a big hit and really put AMC on the map. Obviously the show is a hit – one of the biggest on tv but the start of this season sure had me worried.

The first few (3 or 4 depending on who you ask) episodes this year have been terrible (at the time). I totally was thinking that “finally…it’s come to an end. The show that has consistently delivered fantastic entertainment for 5 seasons and overall quality tv is done. It’s lost it’s edge and this will be the season that we all need to grin and bear it, hoping they will re-capture the magic of the first few seasons. Perhaps, if we are lucky, we can hope for one out of 3 decent episodes this year? The writers/producers are testing us to see who is really invested in the show by getting über artistic and/or trying to convey some political message.” Welp. I was wrong! They really brought it this week making the previous three or four episodes of the season totally worth it and even better in retrospect now having executed such a excellent episode.

This week – some serious monumentus things happened (*SPOILER ALERT*. If you Dvr’d theis gem like we did and haven’t seen this yet – overt your eyes).

It’s like the writers were like “oh yeah people, you think we can’t bring it anymore? Well BAMM! Suck on this”. I mean… Don dumps Jaguar because he feels like it, Pete runs into his father in-law at a whore house (awkward!), said father-in-law then pulls his massive account from the firm, Peggy makes out with her boss and realizes (what we have all known for a long time) that her boyfriend is a loser, Joan gets upset due to the dumping of the client that she needed to sleep with in order to sign, Pete’s wife kicks him out for good, the firm vets a potential IPO only to then merge with their biggest competitor and thus brings Peggy back to working for Don, the new team secures CHEVY as a client and the best part….No mention of and/or siting of that boring little (not so little anymore) ex-wife Betty and her even more boring new husband. Whoah!…”Still too “slow” for ya’ll?!” Says the writers while sipping on a whiskey and smoking a cigar.

It’s been broughten Mad Men. While I can almost 100% guarantee that the next two to four episodes will be super slow and may even suck a little bit- I don’t even care and can’t wait for the rest of this season. This week’s episode was THAT good.


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