City vs. The Suburbs


Suburbs win. Let’s get that out-of-the-way right now. Living in the city is like being in college…totally awesome (!!!) for a certain period of time but after which it’s time to grow up, move out of your dorm room and get a real job. Sure it’s great to walk out of your door, turn in any direction, and walk about 30 feet to your nearest deli/bodega where you find all the splendors a hungry human being could want…BUT you know what’s not great? NOT being in the suburbs.

Took me a minute to adjust and truly admit this when I first left the cozy womb of NYC…but the suburbs are AWESOME. I lived in the city for around 6 years and I was sooooo into it. I was that Manhattanite that never left the city really for any reason and wouldn’t even go to Brooklyn because it was too far away. Once I swallowed the pill of adulthood and took the plunge in moving outside the city…I was actually surprised as to just how awesome it is. Some may call me a boring old dude but I’d ask those people to face some facts…

More space to live in, fresh air, power tools, lawn mowers, bicycles, not crowded restaurants, lawn furniture, proper outside grills, Ice Cream trucks, parks, local bars, garages, basements, fresh air and friendly neighbors…what’s not to love? OK…so you need to commute. BIG deal – if the first thing on your list as to why the city is awesome and or why you could “never, ever, ever imagine leaving the city” is convenience then I just might say you should re-evaluate your situation as adults.

Notice, before everyone gets all up in arms here, that I said “adult“. If you are young, some kind of artist and or single you don’t fall in this group…You all are free to live in city as long as you like. Live it up PETER PANS! But everyone else….time to pack it up and move to the burbs. Don’t be scared I’ll show you around.

Obvioulsy the city is great to work in, no doubt. That’s where the action is…big companies, big jobs, big money, lots of action -but I have to go back to my reference about college. Living in the city is like living on campus…Sure, it’s easy to get to class in the morning after a late night out and the cafeteria is less then a few blocks away BUT do you really want to put up with high tuitions (RENT), smelly roommates (everyone, everywhere) and overcrowded bars forever?
Disagree? I respect that…and I invite you to come to my house, we can sit in the back yard and discuss. We’ll grill some burgers, drink some beers while sitting on my lawn furniture, listen to the birds and if you’re lucky I might even let you ride my bicycle.


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