Back in action! (CABLE GUY.)

Cable guy


FIXED. It was a painful few days but we made it. Cable and internet are back on!

The window the lovely folks at FIOS gave me was 8am to 8 pm on a Wednesday. Awesome right? And wouldn’t you know it – they called me right at 8am (once I was nice and situated at a coffee shop with my laptop about to dive into the day using internet) and said they were on their way. Isn’t that nice of them?

The cable guy showed up and fixed my issue in 15 minutes. He said “Power surge. Happens all the time.”

One part of me wanted to jump for joy the other wanted to punch him in the face. Cable was BACK but it really took 5 days to schedule this appointment which took all of 15 mins to fix?!



  1. Anonymous

    Love the blog. Sometime when you are looking for something to write about you may want to resurrect the words you had once written about the dangers of sleeping. I loved that story! Good luck in this new adventure.

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