New Girl.



When this show first hit the scene…wow. Super funny. Zooey Deschanel and the cast of unknowns were fantastic. Super funny, energetic and pretty compelling when compared to most of sit-coms that were/are on at the moment. But now, I’m confused. I can’t tell if I love it or love to hate it.

The whole show has become a big parody of itself and it’s characters. “Chris, what do you mean? That makes no sense.” Well…yes it does. At the beginning of the show the characters were fresh, real and relatable. Now they are so over the top it comes across as a cartoon more than a sit-com involving real people. Told you. It makes sense.

There certainly have been a few epic episodes and some big laughs that came out New Girl over the last few seasons. Schmitt, Nick and Winston can combine to make a serious comedy team and their characters really do work well collectively. Early when those characters were developing it was funny AND engaging. However now that they are totally 100% developed and pretty much everything is out and on the table the characters aren’t going anywhere and are already suffering from, what I like to call, “How I met your mother – itts”



    • chrissignore

      Yeah, good point! Could be second season slump. We shall see. I think the Nick/Jess Love “saga” isn’t enough to carry the show from a storyline pespective.

      • psipsinasays

        I think you’re right, it feels like the writers are just as nervous about it as the characters are. They need more characters. With friends you had two more people, plus all their comings and goings, so there was more meat, but when you add new faces to a pre-determined dynamic it can be a bit risky. Perhaps with the exception of Mulder and Scully, fewer characters are hard to engage with, but they had new people all the time. I watch too much TV…

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