My Nightmare (cable is out!)

cable out

Is there anything worse than having your cable and internet out?! I say no.

On Friday we started work on a renovation to our home. I’m pretty excited about it…We are finishing our attic and adding a bathroom to make a really sweet guest room. This will add value to the house and give us a great place to store some grandparent/babysitters when our little bundle of joy arrives in October. What does this have to do with cable? Well I’ll tell you…

Like I said, on FRIDAY, the dudes started working…on FRIDAY NIGHT I get home and NOTHING. No TV…no internet…no phone. This makes me unhappy. We went three weeks without any of these services (yes, THREE weeks) around hurricane sandy and those were trying times my friends. When the cable doesn’t work its stirs up some crazy emotions and fundamental pet peeves of mine and they combine for a super cranky Chris.

#1 I love Tv. It’s how I unwind and stay up to date on all things happening in the world. Sports, news and entertainment – that’s what I need in my life. When my TV doesn’t work I find myself wanted to cause bodily harm to anyone who impedes the resolution of my problem.
#2 I hate when things don’t work the way they should. Especially things that you use everyday. Only thing worse, MAYBE, than cable being out is if your cell phone doesn’t work.
#3 Not having internet/wi-fi makes me feels like it’s 10 years ago and I can’t connect to the outside world with any kind of effectiveness. UGH – should I try the dial-up connection so I can at least check my email?

Oh…and it just so happens to be a wonderful weekend for TV (most of them are). This weekend includes exciting programming like GOLF, The Kentucky Derby, post Mayweather fight commentary the YANKEES home series, Game of Thrones, Mad Men and you know I could go on from here. Just listing those things out made my blood boil a little bit.

Back to the story – I fumble around my home for about an hour…plugging in and un-plugging in every box, modem and power source that may have cause this unbearable issue. NOTHING. Called Verizon, waited on hold, talked to someone who didn’t have a clue and clearly needed to schedule an appointment for someone to come and take a look… now here is the kicker. “Sir the next available appointment to get a technician to your home is……..Wednesday MAY 8th.” Mind you…it was FRIDAY May 3rd when this happened.

May 8th?! Come on Verizon…can’t you do better than that? “No sir…unfortunately that is the soonest available appointment.” (I wanted to scream but I kept it together as best I could.)

Being that the dudes had started work that day I immediately called them to see if they did anything that might cause the problem. I had to take a deep breath because if they DID potentially do something that caused me to be out of cable and internet for several days…we were going to have some harsh words. Forget my attic…I need my cable!

Called the contractor and he walked me thru what they did all day and that might have affected the cable. Really no mystery solved here….They unplugged one power source and then put it back at the end of the way. No big deal. This shouldn’t cause me to lose service to the whole house. OK…they are off the hook.

Now…all I can do it wait. And blog. And wait some more. Funny thing is I can’t even post this little gem (as I’m writing in MS Word, because I can’t connect to my wordpress app, obviously, duh).

As the story develops you better believe I’ll keep you updated because this is the center of my universe right now and if you can’t blog about what is at the center of the universe than what can you blog about?


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