Thanks to my cable being out…the wife and I were forced to look at other options, than watching fantastic TV, in regards to how we were going to spend our Sunday afternoon. Thanks to an hour at the driving range, some yard work and a movie…we did it! Passed the entire day (up until now) without any TV or internet. You’re impressed right? It wasn’t easy and if I told you that living cable-less was somehow strangely gratifying and/or eye-opening I would be totally lying. I will say…that forcing ourselves to go to the movies was a total blessing in disguise.

We checked out fandango, looked at the options and decided to go see MUD. Reese was all up in the news for her drunken privileged, “do you know who I am” rant so I said “lets check it out!” and I’m so glad we did because it was great.

Mud is a fantastic story that hits home for anyone who has ever idealized love and or looked up to someone who may (or may not) have been the perfect role model and life guider. What starts as a simple storyline, at it’s core, revealed subplots that weave themselves in a way that actually made the movie pretty heavy and even a little complex after its all said and done. Mud walks the line beautifully between a story depicting a somewhat childish/idealistic view on life and love (which was refreshing)… and a very serious tale of friendship, trust and the realities of relationships (which was poignant and real).

Mud is new in theaters – so I don’t want to give too much away of the actual story and/or what happens throughout the film. What I do, absolutely, want to share is that you should see this movie. It’s 100% engaging and captivating from the first scene until the last. So many movies are enjoyable…but not truly special. This movie is special and it’s because of the characters. Without being overly complicated there are at least 6 characters in this film that you are immediately invested in and truly care about.

Not in a long time have I left a movie theatre and said, “That was awesome”. This time I did. See Mud.



  1. CMrok93

    The cast makes this movie so much better just by putting their hearts and souls into these fully-dimensional characters. Some of it is a bit over-stuffed with too much context and exposition, but still kept me glued as to what the hell is going to happen next with these characters that I care so much about. Great review Chris.

    • chrissignore

      Thanks! I found the story to be a nice build…Started simple (boat in a tree) and ended much more complex (life and love). That said, I can see your point regarding it potentially trying to pack in TOO much.

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