NBA Playoffs



Why does the NBA suck so much during the regular season and then get so immediately awesome come playoff time? It’s confusing…Every other sport – I can watch and really get into during regular season play (especially…baseball. all. day. long.) but you couldn’t pay me to watch a regular season basketball game. That’s the truth. Not the HEAT…not the LAKERS…not the KNICKS..regular NBA is whack 99.9% of the time. PLAYOFFs on the other hand…are GREAT!

Where were all these story lines and amazingly energetic players the last 6 months? Maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention but now…every series is fun to watch, everyone is playing defense and gosh darn it people care! It’s really fun to watch.

You got Lebron being Lebron…the upstart Nuggets making noise…the Golden State Warriors giving my friends in SF something to cheer about…Knicks/Celtics wanting to kill eachother…Kevin Durrant being awesome…Lakers being embarrassed…Clippers dunking on people’s’ faces….and it’s all gold!

Way to go NBA – for the next month or so…I’m a fan.


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