Welcome to the Shark Tank!

I LOVE me some Shark Tank. I didn’t fully confess and or acknowledge my love for the show, playing cool and not really engaging my true feelings, until recently. But now… I’m out and in the open about it and it feels wonderful. Shark Tank is awesome.

Daymond – Mr. FUBU. Daymond is awesome and let me tell you why…You never know when is going to get all gangster on someone! I mean he can talk the talk regarding valuations and production work flow models…but you know, at any moment, he potentially break someone down and strong-arm them into exactly what he wants. Dude is from HOLLIS queens…you know?! He’s dangerous yet super refined.

infomercial lady
QVC Lady (I don’t even know her name, Lori is it?!) – She confuses me…she is the obvious “product” person and can leverage QVC to scale new inventions/products OVERNIGHT to make millions but she is just so boring. She never makes any deals and is just too buttoned up to result in any entertainment value whatsoever. I think ultimately she doesn’t have the real chops to hang with most of the other judges and thus keeps her mouth shut unless she see a new gadget that speaks to the QVC crowd. I miss Barbara! Bring her back, she at least had a nice wise crack once in a while.

kevin o leary
Mr. O’Leary – the big bad bald shark. I can’t decide if I hate Kevin or love to hate him. He is the token “bad guy” on the show…I get that, it’s needed. BUT something tells me in real life he is just a unsufferable jerk and probably impossible to be around. OR – he could be fooling us all and is really down to earth and generally a cool guy playing a part on a show. Either way, he’s needed for the show and I’ll give him that. Just don’t EVER bring up the cupcake lady (wicked good cupcakes got the all-time WORST deal in the history of the shark tank) deal again Kevin, just don’t do it. You should be ashamed of yourself for that one.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban is the man. Period end of story. Real brains, experience and the x factor for Mark…he is willing to make investments based off of intangibles and believes in PEOPLE. Mark wins Shark Tank. I’d like to have a beer with him one day.

Robert – I dig Robert. I dig Robert because you can tell he knows what he knows and knows what he doesn’t. You can also tell that he is totally insecure…like you know he asks his wife every 5 seconds if his hair looks ok and or if his suite fits him correctly. That insecurity makes him real and I respect that. I just wish he’d buck up and make some freaking deals once in a while. Let’s go ROBERT…your clock is ticking and Mark Burnett will replace your butt in no time flat if you continue you lackluster deal making performance.

There you have it! The cast of characters currently making up one of my not-so-guilty-pleasures on television. (* Note to self – NEW LIFE GOAL, one day be a guest judge on Shark Tank.)
TGIF is right Mark Burnett….T G I F.


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