I miss Deadwood, damn it!



I wish deadwood was still on the air. Remember how awesome that show was? The dialog, the characters, the scenery…all so well done. There was even a season that, for me, overtook The Sopranos for the best show on tv. Now – granted it was season 4 of The Sopranos (which will always been remembered for the ridiculously long dream sequences)…nonetheless Deadwood still was superior for that moment in time and that says a lot about my feelings on the show.

I recently, via iTunes and my iPad, have been re-watching the entire series and have been reminded just how awesome that show was and I’m also reminded just how much of a shame it is that the show, so abruptly, ended.

Bullock, Star, Tricksy, Mrs Garret, Jane, EB Farnum, Woo, the newspaper guy, Hearst’s henchman, Big Dan, and of course…Al Swearengen. All those characters were a part of truly great tv. It was history, it was drama, it was comedy and it all worked so seamlessly and effortlessly to combine for some serious awesomeness.

There were so many amazing episodes I won’t take to writing about them all but one does come to mind. Second to last episode in season two when Bullock’s son officially passes and they have the funeral for him at his house. “The whores can come” was the title and, while it might sound crude to those who haven’t seen it, those who have understand it is amazingly fitting. Between spot on social commentary and depicting the an extremely complex nature of men (mankind) that episode was a home run. That specific one also broke my heart (gut wrenching funeral scene at the house almost got me) but was perfect example of how amazing that show was and also is exactly why I miss it.

They cancelled the show as I remember it due to overhead and costs…which is a shame and somewhat confusing. I mean look shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and the like – I’m sure those shows costs a pretty penny to produce. If I had to guess Game of Thrones might be most expensive show on tv…(and I still can’t understand it). Deadwood had an expensive set and I get it- managing overhead is tricky but I feel as if HBO and the producers had a responsibility to manage that and make sure that the show continued. Its kind of like starting an amazing company, gaining traction in the market place, staffing up and then POOf! Gone! Sorry “overhead was out of control”. Really?

Hopefully this can be a lesson and all those young Hollywood up and comers are studying how to never let something like this happen again. And first prize to the genius who decides to bring this puppy back to life and or make a movie.

………On another note, I just realized – I guess life is pretty good if, on the top of my complaint list, the canceling of Deadwood is so top of mind.


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