Fantasy Baseball is my nerd kryponite.



For those of you who know me…believe me when I say “I’m no nerd.”. Mind you…I say that with LOVE. I think nerds are cool – hell I married one (love you babe!). But when it comes to me…I’m not into too many thing that nerds are typically into.

I don’t like Star Trek (actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of them), I’ve never seen a full Harry Potter movie start to finish, I was/am good at sports, I’m just OK at MATH, I never played MAGIC and or Worlds of Warcraft, I don’t read books unless I have to, I enjoyed high school A LOT and, up until only a few weeks ago, I’ve always had 20/20 vision. You get my point right?

So generally speaking…I’m no nerd but there is something i totally GEEK out about. Yes, its fantasy baseball. I love it. There is something strangely gratifying about “taking credit” for an Albert Pujols home run. Fantasy baseball combines my love for baseball, the competitive spirit, gambling (!!) and the chance to live vicariously through todays superstars. Basically it is just my definition of awesome!

Sometimes I obsess. I admit – when I’m home, at times when I should be doing something productive, I find myself checking stats and or setting my lineups. It can be a problem…but it’s also just so much fun you can’t stop me!

There are just so many things to consider – and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t think about all this stuff when drafting and or setting the daily (yes daily) lineup.
1) Match ups!
Who is facing who? What teams? What Pitchers?!?! This is crucial to any line-up making decision.
2) Stadium and conditions
Is it raining? Wind blowing out? what’s the temperature?
3) Streaks/Who is Hot
Slumps? Who is raking? When will a slump end and or begin is KEY to being a good fantasy manager. Timing is everything.
4) Stats needed for each match-up
Each week is different. You have to manage your team so to beat your competitor – nothing else matters.
5) Playing time/Days off
Who is due a day off? Will they play two in a double-header or just one?

AND…there are more but I’ll spare you the nerdy details.

Maybe I am a nerd then (I say while wearing by brand new reading glasses)? Some may say YES! Or maybe Fantasy Baseball just has a bad rep and it’s truly NOT nerdy at all but just that awesome for those who are into it? Either way…I embrace it. I’m a Fantasy Baseball NERD for life suckas!


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