I’m so mad at the Killers right now.


I was the biggest killers fan. Seriously…I saw them do the gauntlet of NYC venues and enjoyed every single one. From Mercury lounge…to Irving Plaza…to Roseland…to Mf’ing MSG. They rocked em all. I stood by them during “Sam’s Town” when people were hating…I loved it. Day and Age was a stretch but I could get down with it when the time was right. But holy crap guys…I still can’t get over how bad BATTLE BORN is. It hurts my freaking ears so much that I can’t even listen to the old records. Absurd lyrics…sleepy melodies…this is truly self-indulgence at its ugliest. What happened to the pop jams that made you want to dance, but were still cool enough that even the hipsters were feeling it? What happened to that underlying dangerousness that almost every song oozed? Brandon Flowers was THE rock star of the last 10 years…No other band had their success in the time that they enjoyed it. All these things multiplied the ultimate disappointment and the suckiness that is Battle Born.

Sadly for me…it doesnt just stop with this one bad record. It is SO bad that one of my jams from Sam’s Town and or Hot Fuss comes on the radio or my IPhone (on shuffle)…and my reaction is nasty. Like “turn that shit off!”. I’m so mad at them. The Killers made the shittiest record that one of my favorite bands ever have ever made.


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