30 for 30 – Elway to Marino



I have to be honest here – this one was just OK for me. I’m generally such a HUGE fan of all the 30 for 30s (seriously I think I’ve seen and enjoyed almost all of them to date) but this one just fell flat.

It’s like listen…I get it. The 1983 draft was packed with super awesome players and probably was the best draft class for QBs ever. To me, even a casual football fan, that was not news nor was really a “story”. The story they tried to tell was that of all the teams who missed out on Dan Marino while in tandem John Elway, his dad and agent played the system in order to play for a team they wanted and not for the one that originally drafted them. OK – not exactly boring but there was nothing that tied the two players together at all – other than they shared an agent (who, btw, was the real star of the show. i.e. Marvin Demoff. This dude killed it the entire time on camera. I liked his style)

I wanted more. There was no real drama and players being drafted before players who end up having amazing careers is nothing new. Every year in every sport – there are hall of famers who get “passed over”. The producers also tried to tie some significance to the comish that year – he either squashed a trade for Elway to Oakland and or orchestrated the entire draft making every draft there after amazing and the huge, make or breaking, event that it is today. I didn’t really buy it.

Strangely enough for a 30 for 30 – It was just AIGHT. I guess not every episode can be like the Bo Jackson episode.


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