The most painful 15 mins in life.

I can’t stand those few (sometimes more than a few) moments of de-planning once your flight has landed and fully taxied to the gate. Standing there, ducking your head against the reading lights and air thingy, staring at the people in front of you with a look that says “if you don’t hurry the hell up…i will kill you”.
It’s painful because people generally move too slow. Now…does this mean they are just slow people? Are they not capable of moving fast? Or is it that they don’t have that burning fire of rage down in their belly that I do when waiting to deplane?

I think it’s a patience thing. I don’t have much of that. I try…but I can’t do it. Lines and waiting, of any kind, generally make me want to scream. I’m working on it but to say I don’t have much patience is the understatement of the year.

If you see me behind you on a plane…better move your ass! Be quick and efficient with grabbing your bags and don’t even THINK about putting on your jacket before starting to walk out.


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