Great Scott!


Adam Scott did it! He won the Masters. To be 100% honest…I didn’t think he had it in him. After an absolutely epic collapse in last year’s US Open I just thought he was another talented golfer who wont be able to break through to the elite category thanks to not having “it”. Good kid…nice swing…lots of top tens for him – but he’ll never break through. You know the type…they are plenty of them in golf and very few have what it takes to be a champion.

“IT”, of course, refers to that extra special skill set and über competitiveness that allows for clutch shots and performing under pressure. You need “it” to win major championships and Mr. Scott now proved, ten times over, he has IT.

To go from bogeying the last 4 holes to literally hand over the US Open Championship to Ernie Ells…to birdying the 72nd hole of the Masters and hitting one of the most clutch 12 footers you’ve ever seen on the second hole of a sudden death playoff to WIN the masters…impressive on a lot of levels. Adam totally conquered his demons and with the whole world watching he went out and made it happen.

Sometimes I watch golf and, especially in the majors, the back 9 is really just about “not messing up”. The pressure that these guys are under at that point in the week – it’s amazing they can keep it together (lord knows that around the 12 hole for me is when the wheels come off and I’m lucky if I can stay out of the deep woods).

Lots of stories were developing over the course of the week but only one really matters at the end of day. Some of those stories includes Brandt Sneds, who came close last year but had one of those epic disasters that so many golfers experience when it’s crunch time. can we be honest? He had no shot. I respect that guy and he has a nice game but you could see it in his face that he was defeated and wanted to just save face. Tiger couldn’t come back from the two stroke penalty from Friday. It was just a little too late and too much for him to come back from. Angel Cabrerra is an absolute BEAST. Is it me?…or does he only play like 5 tournaments a year and alwayss wins? It’s like “hello…my name is Angel and I’m here to take you down”. It’s not just his results – its the way he plays. It’s fun for him and you can tell. I was actually pretty sure this would be his year (again) but Adam came and took advantage of his opportunities and stole it right out from under him. Sergio dropped off after the first day…Jason Day looked strong for a minute but couldn’t step up like his Aussie brother and everyone else in the top 20 was completely docile the entire last round really.

It’s pretty clear that the IT factor is the difference between those guys who make the top ten every week and the guys who WIN. It is the guys who can not only “not fall apart” but make shots! Look at the leader board and look at the numbers change negatively for the top 5-10 players coming down the stretch. It happens all the time…and it opens the door for people who seize the moment and make shots. It’s certainly fun to watch and I, for one, am just really glad that this major championship was WON and not LOST like so many of that last few.


PS- Now – here comes the debates about the belly putter…I realy wish the PGA would enforce that rule now instead of saying “in 5 years we’ll actually make a move”. It’s rediculous…Have you ever used a belly putter? I tried one…and let me tell you…making putts is still hard! Either way that conversation is going to get annoying real quick and I’m one for pulling the band aide off fast rather then slowly and painfully dragging something out. It’s rules and we all know the PGA has a lot of them so just change it quick and lets move on shall we?



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