Silver Linings Playbook


Recently on a flight from San Francisco back home to New Jersey a great thing happened. They played Silver Linings Playbook.

Initially when I got on the plane, I was pissed. No entertainment system with direct tv…absolutely no wifi. It was United and those of you who travel – know United is a little behind the times when it comes to wifi. But…it all worked out because that movie is fantastic.

I mean…it wasn’t exactly a sleeper hit. I knew all about the awards and Jenny L taking home the big one but it really takes a lot for me to get excited about a movie and this one did.

Amazing acting all around and I am no movie critic but this cast was electric (yes, I said “electric”). And you know who stole the show? – it was Bobby D (aka Robert DeNiro)! He made that movie even better than it actually was meant to be. The dynamic between him, his wife and kids took what could have been a pretty standard love story to a whole other level.

Bradley Copper, who before watching this would always be the ass hole from wedding crashers (i always picture the touch football scene with him leveling the shit out of Vince Vaughn) and the shady bro from the hangover, was really good too. Copper was great and his character was fascinating. I especially loved how crazy he was…like this tortured genius who has some mental plumbing that’s not quite right. His insane rants in the middle of the night and odd obsessing over things were easily relatable for me. Like…when dude was looking for his wedding video I was like “find that shit!” Because I’m the same way. Once something gets in my head that I want to find, if only to know where it is….you better believe I’m not stopping until I am satisfied.

And you know what really clinched it for me? At the end…you don’t really know what he says to his ex-wife. Brilliant. Here is this dude who for the entire film is seemingly desperate to re-capture a past love…holding on to the past and to what was. In doing so was so disconnected to the present and unable to live in the moment he could barely function as a human in the real world. When that moment came that he was waiting for (for almost a year’s time, 8 months of which he spent in a loony bin) to confront his past…he had a choice. Either try to re-create his past life or start a new one. The entire thing plays out in front of you and while his choice is clear (obviously, duh) what he said and why he said to his ex-wife…we’ll never know.

Thank you movie makers! You done good with this one because it actually made me think and made me want to live more in the moment every day.



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