My Shame is F’ing awesome.


These dudes have been doing it forever…and god damn it…they’ve gotten better with age. The newest record, “My Shame is True”, is beautifully nostalgic but totally current at the same time. The most personal record they’ve made, arguably, ever with some of the best structured songs I’ve heard from them, or any other three-piece punk band, in a long time. It’s so great to see them with so much momentum and that all the years of heavy drinking and drugs haven’t destroyed their bodies/voices and or mental spirit like so many others.

I lost faith in the boys in ALK3 once…but it was brief. I saw them play at the worst venue on the planet, Best Buy Theatre in Times Square and it was terrible. Just a bad show…hey, it happens. The sound was bad, they were sloppy (both from a playing perspective and a sobriety perspective) and the crowd sucked. It was just a disappointing show put on by one of my favorite bands. But again – it happens. I haven’t seen them live since BUT this record has 100% won be over and I’ve actually been finding myself listing to more catalog from them and enjoying those older tracks even more now. That’s when you know a record is good…not only does it, in and of itself, rock… but it also makes you go back and rediscover the band/artist in a new way and you appreciate their work on a more holistic level.

“My Shame is True”…Road tested…Chris approved!

I’ll be rocking this one in heavy rotation for a long time.


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