How I Met Your Mother.


Have you noticed lately that the new episodes are not including Bob Saget and those two teeny boppers on the couch? I wonder why. No I don’t…its because they lost the entire premise of the show and their cover is blown! Ain’t no way they end this show in a way that makes any sense. Ted is going to end up being a GHOST or some shit and we’ll all walk away saying “Oh well, at least Barney was funny”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a little HIMYM…I put it up there in the top 10 sit-coms of all time. It’s been a fantastic show for the 27 seasons and now…its just gotten old. Same old same old…with a giggle here and there coming from Barney and or big Marshall.

What actually made this show different, and awesome, was the way they weaved stories/seasons/years all around this story line of meeting this mystery women who was Ted’s wife (and those teeny boppers’s mom). I thought that was really clever and took the show to another level creatively. But that’s gone now and I, literally have NO idea how they are going to tie this one together. Like I said…GHOST theory and or Teddy NEVER gets married (in which case the show’s title is bunk) and those kids on the couch are not his kids but someone’s else’s kids and Unlce Ted is juat a friend. Either way….LAME. I’ll still watch the repeats though.

TOP 10 SIT COMs of ALL TIME (or at least of my time). – this is my list (share yours in comments if you feel so inclined). I could watch any single one of these shows all day and be entertained.

10. Everybody Loves Raymond
9. Cheers
8. Fraiser
7. Scrubs
6. How I Met your Mother
5. Cosby Show
4. Will and Grace
3. King of Queens
1. Seinfeld


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