Accidental Racist = fantasitc idea. poor execution.


“If you don’t judge my doo rag…i won’t judge your red flag!”

AMEN Brad Paisley. Amen LL. Take it on my friends. TAKE. IT. ON.

I’m not sure what the big deal is. OH WAIT…yes I do. THE SONG STINKS!!!

The message, the original point and end goal is totally respectable and very admirable. They come from a good place. Way to go fellas. I think it’s fantastic that these two icons are trying to turn down a little bit of the racial tension that exists today and encourage some real conversation on the topic by leveraging their star power in their respective fields. But here’s the problem…It’s a god awful song.

Now…if LL threw down some sick beat by Timberland and Brad sung a sexy chorus, doing like a manly Rhianna thing, then we’d be talking. Right? I wanted a BANGER! Something I could make my ringtone, blast with the windows down…T-Pain shit. But that’s not what we got…We got a whiney, sleepy, country tune that makes my skin crawl. And the adlibs…oh god, the ab libs! “Can’t re-write history baby!”…”The relationship between the mason Dickson needs some fixin’!”, “R I P Robert E Lee!”. Holy cow…you can’t make this up. It’s an awful parody of itself.

Just another example of a fantastic idea (with good intentions)…but terrible execution. Happens all the time.


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