Yanks have some issues…


Not in a VERY long time (certainly in the last 10-15 years) have I been so down on the Yankee’s roster and current overall situation. We’ve done better at the start than I expected…and our 1-4 start was certainly ominous and for obvious reasons. I understand needing to get under the luxury tax and the importance of that for the long term…but SHEESH! CRAZY injuries will make it difficult to stay afloat while we wait to get healthy.

Let’s go over the long list of issues, shall we?

1) Derek Jeter.

The captain and arguably the most important team member is coming off a broken ankle that kept him out of action for 6 months. He’s back in Tampa with no time table to return. OUCH. Let’s face it…my favorite player of all time is getting old. He’s still got it and I believe can continue to deliver hits, leadership and play a solid SS..but coming off a broken ankle and now being delayed at the start of the season is no joke and he’s already had some set backs. What we can expect from him and WHEN this year is up in the air and a HUGE concern.

2) Mark Texieria


Wrist injuries are the WORST. Could be 6-8 weeks. Could be the whole year. This leaves a huge hole at first base. Tex has had his issues at the plate (especially in the post season) but his defense alone makes him really hard to replace. Also – if TEX is able to get back…everyone knows he isn’t exactly a hot starter. Chances are he is going to need 2 months to warm up and by then it might be already too late in the AL EAST

3) Curtis Grandersen
MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers
I hope Curtis got his eyes checked. He was blind as a bat in the post season last year…dude didn’t have a shot to even make contact. BUT…40 HRs per year is no joke. He was built to hit in Yankee stadium and has been solid in the outfield. He can’t come back soon enough as the power surge will be an issue.

4) Who the hell is going to catch?

We lost Russel Martin. Are we really counting on Cervelli to be a starting catcher?!



Phil has been volatile and inconsistent his first few years in the bigs…BUT…when dude is ON he is ON. I feel like he’s been getting better and was really looking forward to a healthy HUGHES this year to see what he can do. WELP, scratch that. He’s struggling already and I’m sure there is a nagging injury that will haunt us all year.

6) Vernon Wells

REALY?!? This is one hell of a stretch but I hope it works out. Vernon has historically KILLED the yanks. Even when he was hitting sub .200 (most of last year) dude always found a away to string together great series vs. the yanks. He has started pretty OK and I hope that he has an amazing year and comes back to life – but this is a big risk if we are asking Vernon to shoulder the load when it comes to what we’ve lost, power wise, in the outfield via injuries thus far.

7) Mo Rivera

Mo. the G.O.A.T – coming back after a HUGE injury for his goodbye tour. We lost Soriano (who was lights out last year)…so a lot of eggs in this MO basket. I have faith! BUT what if something goes wrong and Mo isn’t Mo. Could be a problem.


Classic SWISH.

Classic SWISH.

Who is going to replace this dude’s energy and overall positivity!?! SIKE. I couldn’t be happier that I don’t have to deal with watching this clown all year. Dude straight disappeared in the post season. every. single. year. Like “what’s wrong with Swish??? I’ll tell you…nothing. He is a faker…Clevland can have him.

Needless to say…2013 will be an interesting season and early on we have serious question marks. But its cool – cause unlike the majority of METS and or Phillies fans that I know – i’m not a hater of my squad when things are bad. I’m hopeful and will stay optimistic this season no matter what. Adversity builds character and you need that on your team in order to go deep into October. BASEBALL!!!!!!!!

PS – I didn’t mention A rod for a reason. He’s not worth mentioning…even though I’m kinda mentioning him now.


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