I started a blog!


So…..I decided to start a blog. Exciting right? It was either start a blog or join KOA, the local crossfit personal training facility. KOA would have cost a lot of money and necessitated the forfeiting of my, already limited, free time at my lovely home in Cranford NJ and well….Blogging was free and I choose to work out my mind rather than my body for this go-round. Maybe next time physical fitness will take priority but for now..it’s witty Internet action that takes the proverbial cake.

I’ve always wanted to Blog…I like to write and back in the MySpace days I used to hunker down and blog it out on a handfull of times when something struck me as blog worthy. If I remember correctly once I slammed the keys regarding my insanely frustrating moving experience when I re-located from LA back to NYC…even one time letting rip on my favorite all time records growing up (which consisted of some super awesome 90s pop-punk, emo and some hardcore tunes that I still listen to)…and let’s not forget my legendary rant on Lebron James’ ridiculous “decision” and the freak show that accompanied it. I’ll get inspired every now and again and write a long”ish” Facebook update and or a witty tweet – but sometimes that doesn’t cut the mustard and or quench my creative thirst. So I thought – “Let’s blog!”…I have some experience but this time I really wanted to commit and start something cool. Like really commit to sharing my thoughts on stuff on a semi-regular basis and give people, friends, family something interesting to chew on. “But Chris…What will you blog about?” You might ask…Well I’ll tell ya’…Whatever the hell I want.

“But Chris…when will you find the time? I know you are so busy as is…” Well – you’re right. I work 12 hour days and am always on call via my multiple email/phone devices…It’s a labor of love, so I’m ok with the time I put into work however this may present a problem. BUT I’m going to give it a shot and do my best in setting aside some time for you lovely people to share my insides. I’ve got TWO main goals -1) I want you guys to enjoy it and 2) Get some stuff off my chest and have this act as a creative, thought provoking outlet

Now that we got all that out of the way – Let’s talk about me! Who am I? What do I stand for? What makes me stand up and clap? Do I watch the Bachelor or The Walking Dead? Am I more likely to take the window or aisle seat? If I could hang out with either Jay Z or Derek Jeter for a day who do I pick? Which cast of ladies is my favortie Bravo’s REAL Housewives? Which tunes are currently rocking my world? Do I prefer white or dark meat? If I had one meal for the rest of my life – what would it be? What’s my favorite episode of Seinfeld? Which professional athlete do I despise the most and why? What’s my go-to scotch? Well…Spend some time on here and come back regularly and you just might find out.

Thanks for listening and….Buckle up folks. This is going to be a wild ride

It was a pretty day last week...Spring is coming. And this will most likely be my view while I blog for you all (on the lovely NJ Transit).

It was a pretty day last week…Spring is coming. And this will most likely be my view while I blog for you all (on the lovely NJ Transit).

(*all thoughts/opinions are mine and mine alone. all rights reserved copy write @ 2013)


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