EPIC game ya’ll

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Duke vs Louisville

Cool hand Luke! Say it with me now…COOL. HAND. LUKE! Wow…

What a game. If I’m Luke Hancock I enter that draft ASAP. I don’t even know what year he is…but dude’s stock could not be higher right now. My man was cold blooded from three last night! Just when you thought little Spike Albreght (flashback of Dugan Fife!) was going to be the biggest star in the world overnight and Michigan was going to ride off into the sunset… BAM!!!!! Luke knocked down 4 threes at the end of the first half and came up HUGE in second half. Where you at now SPIKE?! That was the difference, hands down. Russ Smith didn’t have it and Luke Hancock DID.

All around…that might go down in history as the best championship game ever. So glad I watched the whole thing. Bet you think I’m lying…but I’m not! That game was so good it was worth staying up WAY past my suburbian bed time.


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